John Frieda Go Blonder

Hello and Welcome to  May!

I realized I didn’t say that last week so there we go.

I have been sitting on this post forever. I have used this set honestly for years. Since I’m a natural blonde I like to keep that blonde as bright as I can and this stuff is perfect for it.  John Frieda has several different kinds of shampoo and conditioner set based on your hair color. This is my favorite Go Blonder edition.


The shampoo is this silky formula that almost appears to have glitter in it. I don’t need a  whole bunch of it to lather up and cover all of my hair. It’s super easy to work around and I  get a  good lather going and it’s really lovely, then it rinses out just as easy.


The conditioner I wish came in a  bigger blonde cause I have to use a bunch of it on my hair. It’s only cause it’s so long. This formula does leave my hair super soft and manageable.


This was before when my color started to fade. Then after about 2 washes, you can see it’s a lot brighter blonder than normal. This set is actually really good to keep my colors in longer and making them fad into this beautiful pastel color.

Another example I was full pink on the left and over the past 2 months I have used my  Go blonder set every other wash and this was my hair yesterday. The pink is almost gone and the blonde is bright.

I really love this stuff and it’s been my go-to for years and probably will be for years to come. I have issues finding it sometimes since Walmart is a  hit and miss with it. However, Ulta always has it and sometimes BOGO. Currently, they are buying one get one 50% for $11.99. I provided links below.

Buy Go Blonder Shampoo.

Buy Go Blonder Conditioner.

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