UDxGOT eyeliner


So if you are a fan of Game of Thrones then you are aware of the show ending last night. While I’m still trying to process it and how I feel about the ending. I decided to start reviewing this collection from Urban Decay this week. I didn’t want to rush through it just cause it was ending last week cause that’s not fair to any of us. Plus this way I can extend my love of the show just a little bit more.

Let’s get started with some eyeliner. Well, 1 eyeliner, they made 4 shades but this is the only one I could get my hands on.


This is Winterfell Snow. They choose to use the Weirwood tree in the Godwoods of Winterfell as the design for the box. I think they nailed it since that may be the most important part of Winterfell.


The side tells you a little information about the product inspiration.


The liner itself has the snow theme to it with the ombre effect.


This shade is a lovely iridescent white that is packed with some stunning glitter. I have mostly been using it in my waterline to make my eyes pop.

img_3452.jpgYou can use it in combination with the shades from the palette as well to intensive the liner. The formula is that of a  normal Urban Decay liner an is super creamy and easy to use. I really dig this liner and I’m gonna try my best to find the other 3.

These are sold out online everywhere but you may be able to find them in a Sephora or Ulta store.

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