UDxGOT Mother of Dragons Highlighter


Carrying on with this Game of Throne week with what may be my favorite part of the collection. I love highlighters and the Mother of Dragons so of course, this was perfection. I literally have some stuff dragon eggs in my living room cause I’m obsessed. Seriously who doesn’t like dragons?! well if you have seen episode 5 of this last season then you know who doesn’t so.

Moving on.


They chose right with the outside packaging to make it the dragon scales fade to represent all 3 of them.


On the back, you get the 3 shades and an inspiration summary of the highlighter.


They added smoke to the inside of it which just adds to the whole design.


The palette it’self matches the box.


When you open it up you see a mirror the size of the palette which I always appreciate. I have been using it to do my make up with since it’s light enough to hold and I finish off with highlighter. You also get that same smoke design that’s featured inside the box.


Here is are the shades, you get 3 one for each of Dany’s Dragons.


I wanted to include an up close of the dragon egg imprinted into the pan simply cause it’s so perfect. Honestly, it’s was hard to use it cause I didn’t want the egg pattern to go away.

Now let’s break down these 3 shades. Remember these look different on my pale as snow skin.


Drogon– Dany’s Favorite Dragon named after her husband Drogo- This is a super light baby pink that has just a hint of glitter. This one is a lovely hint glow that is almost my skin color. Since Drogon is red and black this pink works really well.

Viserion– This one is named for Dany’s brother Viserys- This shade is a light golden beige that adds a lovely shimmer to your look.  It does work for the yellow gold shade that Viserion is.

Rhaegal-This one is named for Dany’s oldest brother Rhaegar, who is also Jon Snow’s father-This one is a golden light brown that works as a bronzer on me. This one is kinda rouge cause Rhaegal is green but it works with the undertones of it and green wouldn’t have worked as well. 

I really dig this palette like I said in the beginning. They pack a lot of shimmer power and I will be using them to death which makes me sad since that will make the eggs fade.

This one is still in stock for $36. I have included links below.

Buy Mother of Dragons Highlighter from Ulta.

Buy the Mother of Dragon Highlighter from Sephora.

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