UDxGOT Dracarys Lip & Cheek Stain


Carrying on with this week with the next part of the collection.

Let me start off by saying I don’t care for lip or cheek stains since they usually don’t work well for me. However, this one has the best name. Dracarys is such a powerful word, if you watch the show then you know that.


The box design is perfect with the Targaryen crest on the dragon scale pattern.


Side of the box where you get the summary and inspiration of it.


This is the top of the box with the House symbol on the top, then when you open it up you see the Westeros map.


The actual product is in a dropper bottle with the same design as the box. The bottle itself is this deep red that you can see through but it’s dark enough that it looks like blood.

When you open it to make sure you squeeze the dropper to get some product then you can apply it on the skin.  I have used the dropper directly on my cheeks and lips to apply it then blend it in. Then I have also added some drops to my hand like in the picture to the right and applied it to my cheeks with my finger.

The formula is super light and easy to apply so it gives you that a light tint without being too much which was what I was worried about.  You can layer it up, the picture on the left is 2 coats. I really like this since most lip stains are too dark and can be overkill.

Since I really dig this one and will actually be using it when I need to add a little color to my face to give it more of I’m actually alive look since I’m mostly all washed out.

Buy Dracarys from Sephora

Buy Dracarys from Ulta.

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