May Sephora Play! Box


Moving on with my subscription week with my Sephora Play box!


This month’s theme is Beauty BFFs cause honestly you really need to have some and chose them wisely.

Here is the complete fold out with Greetings from Play! I really like the retro kind of feel to it with just random things collaged there.

Same old red plastic bag. I am pretty sure I already have this one with the same saying on the bag.

Benefits Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara. I adore Benefits they have quickly become one of my favorite brands in the past year. Plus their mascara is amazing. I have tried this one before and may actually have a review about it somewhere. This mascara is amazing, it’s easy to apply, it doesn’t clump even with multiple coats. On top of all that it gives you insane volume. I dig it and will buy more of it.

Full size of this is $25 and a mini is $13.

Buy BADgal BANG! Mascara.




Alterna Haircare Bond Repair Leave-In Heat Protection Spray. Since I got this in my Ipsy bag as well I just copy the review from it. I’m always up for a leave in conditioner. Anyways I washed my hair and applied a ton of this stuff to my hair like I do with these kinds of things. I brushed my hair and went to sleep, I don’t know if it’s cause I didn’t braid my hair or what but my hair was kinda stiff but has some volume to it. This stuff didn’t make my hair soft it just stiffen it up so that it didn’t tangle. I tried it again a few days later and used less. My hair still had that same feeling to it but not as bad. Definitely more manageable. The smell is a little strange but not completely off-putting. However, I wouldn’t buy this again it just didn’t work the way I like my leave-in conditioner too.

A 4.z oz bottle of this goes for $32.

Buy CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Restructuring Bond Repair Leave-In Heat Protection Spray



Viktor & Rolk’s Magic Salty Flower. The perfume usually included in these boxes is by this brand but it’s usually flower bomb.  Honestly, I like it but I was glad it was something else. I really that the cartoon on the side since it actually spells out the name of the perfume It’s clever and really pleasing to look at. This one is a light warm floral scent. It’s not too much overkill that I’m choking to death on it. Also, it strangely kind of salty smell to it which I don’t know if it’s because of the name or what.  I really like it

This one is $145 for a 2.5oz bottle.

Buy Magic Salty Flower.



Smashbox Matte About You Liquid Lipstick in Stepping Out. I really like Smashbox they always come through with legit products. I love lipstick so of course, I was excited. I was worried because I thought it would be to light. However, I was impressed with this creamy matte lipstick that is a brownish pink with hints of red. It actually looks pretty stunning on my pale skin.  It stays on for hours with little fading and it doesn’t dry out your lips completely. Also, I can apply lip balm over it without it taking all of it off. I really like this and would buy it again.

This one has  24 shades of Matte and 6 Metallic finish. A Full Size is $24 a piece.

Buy Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick.


Sol De Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream. I have tried another one of there body creams before and really like it so I was happy to try it again. This is a light cream that is easy to work into the skin. Your skin is instantly soft after using. It also smells strongly of butter popcorn which I thought I was crazy at first but it does and I kinda dig it. The only issue I had was that it was a little sticky but only after using hand sanitizer I don’t know it’s like counteractions or what. It is only on my hands and after a while, it soaks in. I rather like this and  would  purchase it again

A mini 2.5oz is $20 which isn’t this sample size cause it’s a 0.84 oz and Standard size is $45.

Buy Coco Cabana Cream.



It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream. Another brand I have heard of and not had any issues with. Also, my under eyes are always awful so I appreciate anything that may make them better.


When you open the box you get this sweet message. I really needed it when I opened it so I wanted to share it in case someone else did too.

I don’t know why but the jar is really pleasing with the blue and silver tones.  The cream itself is a thin thick light blue that is easy to apply. I have been dabbing it on my under eyes before I got to bed then again in the morning both after toning.  You don’t have to use a whole bunch of it, actually I prefer not to I think it works better. I can tell that there is a decrease in puffiness and purple tones. My under eyes are smooth and it has added to my makeup routine in a way. I really like this one and would buy it again.

This one goes for $48 for a 0.5zo jar.

Buy Bye Bye Under Eye Cream



I really liked this box. I got good products with no issues. I rarely have an issue with these though.  Anyone get anything different?

If you want to sign up for Play! by Sephora. Link to do so is below.

Sign up for Play!

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