Listen, I’m Sick.

We came back from vacation and I went to bed to go to work the next morning and woke up not able to function.

I couldn’t walk straight,  couldn’t breathe I was so congested and my head was so heavy I thought it was gonna fall off. I had to call into work it was so bad and I have worked through a lot of shit.  I slept a total of 16 hours.


Actual picture of me all week trying to function.

It’s been a week I would get burst of energy and be on one then I would just be wiped out and dizzy.  On top of that, I started my period so I’m cold hazy and losing blood. I may be dying.

I can’t focus on anything to write a legit post so you get this bullshit.

So take your vitamins,  drink plenty of liquids, and I love you.

I’m gonna sleep till next week.



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