Punky Colour Mood Switch


I’m back, well kind of I’m still slightly sniffly but my god I have been sick for like 2 weeks. Like I was in a semi medication-induced coma for most of the time. It’s progress and I’m taking what I can get and still drinking all the liquids I can get my hands on. I have just been drained mentally and physically. so after using all that to make it through a  work day I am wiped out and don’t want to think.

Anyways I’m still on a slight cold high let’s do the damn thing and review a thing. Also, I wrote this post 2 weeks ago and haven’t proofread to post it.

I brought this one forever ago and it took me a while to pull it out and try it. Mostly cause I wasn’t blonde enough to truly test it.


Here is the front of the box. The mood switch dye is something I’ve wanted to try and have had countless people tag me in a post about the dye. I like this brand and saw it so I grabbed one. I got the one that goes from purple to pink since I’m a pink girl.


I’m the top one so you can see the expected color there on the side of the box.


Instructions on the other side. Also, I dig the fade of the colors they use since that’s what the product is doing.


A tiny little tub of dye.


They are sponges and I honestly don’t fucking understand why. It says you use it to apply the product but honestly it’s does nothing and is awful so I tossed them.  I work better with my hands or a brush.


Here is the dye, honestly I am pretty sure I had already used it and started before I realized I didn’t take a picture.

So I  put it in and let it sit for 30 mins like I usually do. The shirt I’m wearing is my official dye my hair shirt with Marilyn on it and I love it.


It started drying and made my hair hard like it was gel. Which when I went back to look at it it is some weird type of gel dye that I do not get cause it really doesn’t say that.

I didn’t realize it was some time of gel til I rinsed and it all washed out. Like look at the side I  washed out and the side I didn’t. You can see the difference in the 2.


I gave up and washed it all out cause I literally can’t figure out how the hell this shit works. It left a little streak of died hair that washed out literally the next time I washed my hair.  I honestly don’t know how this works and have tried it with the sponges but it just clumps and makes my hair a  mess. I just can’t with it.

I jacked the following from Amazon description so you can understand how it’s a little confusing. I get that it’s just a gel now but still, that’s not how this works.

“IT’S EASY TO USE! APPLY, DRY, & YOU’RE READY TO GO. All you need to do is apply the color to clean, dry hair that’s free from any conditioners or products. Dip the sponge applicator into the jar of color cream and apply to your locks—have fun with it! After applying the color, blow-dry your hair or run a straightener on your tresses and your hair will transform into another color. The temporary dye changes color when you expose it to heat and changes back to the first color when your hair cools down”

On the upside, it does change when you heat your hair but the fact that I can’t get it to stay in my hair without it looking like a rats nest. I hate it and won’t be buying it again.

Honestly, I’m bummed cause I wanted this to work and it didn’t. I love punky colors and this is the 1st issues I’ve ever had with any of their products. Seriously if anyone knows how to make this work please let me know. I still have some and will try it again.

I got this one from Ulta but it’s not on the site anymore but may be in the stores. It is with Amazon. I have included links if you are interested in trying to figure it out.

There are  4  shades and it’s under $12.

Buy Mood Switch dye from Punky Colour.

2 thoughts on “Punky Colour Mood Switch

  1. Oh wow , how disappointing . I’ve heard about this and wanted to try it as well but I thought it was dye , not a leave in gel . I love punky colors too . Thanks for this review , now I know to skip it .

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