June Ipsy Glam Bag

Hey Hey,

This was going to be my last post of the month since it was the last one I got. I was like lost somewhere in GA I legit thought I was never gonna get it.

However, it showed up last Friday so I rushed to properly review it. In doing that I slept on my Sephora Play Box so I will review it Monday.


The theme this month is Block Party cause it’s summer and also causes of the Tetris collaboration.  It works and seems like a  good time.


Here is the back of the fold-out reminding you that you can get a Glam Bag Plus.


Here is a  list of what’s in the bag. I almost feel like I should put them in the order that it is on it but I don’t feel like it. So maybe next time.


TonyMoly Vital Vita 12 Jelly Cleanser. I really like this brand and the random products I have tried from it over the years.  This is a  super thick Jelly Cleanser like I had a little over a  pea-sized amount and it was too much. It goes on thick but it foams up perfectly. It left my face feel super clean but not dried out and I dig it. I would buy this one again.

This one is on sale right now for $15.30 for a 150ml tube.

Buy Vital Vita 12 Jelly Cleanser.


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer. I really dig this brand and have for a  while so I was excited about this. The primer is pretty thick kinda like glue. I used a pea size amount and it covered my face immediately soaking in. My face gets super soft an leaves my face primed and ready for makeup. I didn’t have any issues with it rebelling with my skin or my makeup. I really like it and would buy it again.

A tube of this goes for $28.

Buy Ultra Repair Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer.

Farmacy Brightening Coconut Gel Sheet Mask. This is a Gel mask contained in 2 mesh mask cutouts and it’s weird to get out.  The mask goes on easy which I was worried about since the other mask I have tried from them fell off my face. I left it on for 15 mins it did get slightly warm about half way through but it wasn’t too much that it was an issue.  I  remove the mask and massaged it in then let it soak in.  After about an hour my skin was soft and hydrated. However, there was a little redness to my face in the Tzone and it was a little rough in those places. It’s a  nice mask but it doesn’t really brighten my skin so I wouldn’t buy it again.

Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Sheet Mask. This mask is also weird since it’s a  jelly mask contained in  2 mesh things. Just feels like overkill. The mask goes on easy and actually stays. I  left it on for 15 mins and toward the end, my face felt slightly numb but not bad. I took it off and rubbed in the extra and let it soak in. after about an hour my face was soft and had a slight glow to it. I dig this one and would buy it again.

You can get both of these $6 for a  single mask and a 4 for $16.

Buy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask.

ETAT Libre D’Orange I Am Trash Les Fleurs Du Dechet Eau de Parfum. I don’t ever recall getting perfume in an ipsy bag but I could be wrong. This is a huge sample tho so I’m into it. I have never tried the brand but with the naming of this one, I’m intrigued.  Cause honestly how many time has you told someone I am trash or I smell like trash right now. Ok, maybe this is just me and my wife.  The scent doesn’t smell like Trash it’s actually quite lovely. Honestly, I wish my trash smelled this good. It’s a light floral scent with a hint of some kind of fruit. It’s really great and I dig it.

This one has 4 sizes a sample for $4, 30ml for $48,  50ml for $90, and 100ml for $149.

Buy I Am Trash Perfume.

TETRIS x ipsy Lipgloss in  Tetrimino. I was excited to get this since I got the palette in the glam bag plus box. This is a sparkly gold lip gloss. It really packs a  shine which I always appreciate. It is slightly sticky which is why I don’t like lip glosses. This one doesn’t dry my lips out which is a plus but I still don’t care for it I wouldn’t buy it again cause of that.

This one isn’t available but there is a  whole collection and it’s all out of stock right now.  It was a  limited edition for the 35th anniversary of  Tetris.

Check out the Tetris collection

I really liked this bag  Ipsy has been on a kick of having a good bag. Honestly, if you review the bags on the site or app it really pays off and you get good things.

If you don’t get ispy and want to sign up below.

Sign up for Ipsy.

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