June Sephora Play.


Here we are closing out the month with my Playbox. It took me to me the longest time to review since I left it the bathroom and not on my desk with the others. Also, I legit thought that today was the last day of June and it’s not so whatever.

Here we go.


This month’s theme is Destination Beauty cause it’s the vacation month.


Here is all the tips and tricks of the month.

This bag is hideous. I don’t like Orange.

Belif’s the True Cream Aqua Bomb. I love this moisturizer so I wasn’t bummed that it in got it in this box.  This is a light gel that goes on easy. You don’t have to use a lot to get the full effect. It soaks into your skin almost immediately and leaves it super soft. Also, it doesn’t leave your face greasy after a while like some will. I really love this stuff and will use it all up. Of course, I would buy it again cause it’s so amazing.

This stuff comes in  3 sizes mini 0.84 oz for $20, A Standard 1.62oz for $38, and a  Value size 3.37 oz for $62.

Buy Aqua Bomb from Sephora.



Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask in Original Berry. I have tried this brand before but never a lip mask. I always appreciate lip products. This one is almost like a lip balm I apply it with my fingertip before bed then go to sleep. It soaks in throughout the night. I wake up with super soft hydrated lips, which is wonderful. The only issues I had was that it would clump around the corner of my lips slightly sometimes when I work up but it wasn’t a huge issue. I dig this stuff and would buy it again.

This one comes in 2 scents original which is Berry and Vanilla. Both go for $20.

Buy Lip Sleeping mask from Sephora.


First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream. I’m a big fan of this brand. I have never tried anything I didn’t like from them. This is a super light moisturizer, when you open it you can see that it looks like a fluffy cloud and it does that every single time you open it. The formula makes it activate with air to create that fluffy goodness. I only have to use 3 dabs of it on my forehead and both cheeks to get it to fully cover my face.  It does leave my face soft and hydrated smooth. I really like this one and would totally buy it again.

This one is  $30 for 1.5 oz tub of it.

Buy Ultra Repair BarriAir Cream from Sephora.

Biossance’s Squalane +Tea Tree Detox Mask. This is another brand I have tried and had a  good experience with. This is a simple mask. I applied a thin coat of it and it’s basically my skin color so you can’t even tell I had it on. In other words, my wife didn’t panic when she saw me after applying it. I left it on for  10 mins then removed it with a wet washcloth. It came off easily and left my skin feel super soft and cleansed.  I like this one and would use it again.

This one is  $38 for a 2.53 oz tube.

Buy the Tea Tree Detox Mask from Sephora.

Tarte’s Babassu Foundcealer Skincare foundation SPF 20 in  22B. I love Tarte and they have been my go-to foundation for a while. So I was excited to try this Foundcealer especially since I wasn’t aware that it was even out.

This is stuff is super easy to use. I have just it alone or with shape tape concealer but the coverage is great either way.  I also don’t have to cake it on to get the full coverage. I can only use a couple drops of it to cover my face. It doesn’t cake up or make my face feel weighted down.  As you can see about this one was pretty close to my actual skin tone so I was stoked about that. I like it and would purchase it again.

This one comes in  30 shades which is the only big issue I see with it cause it doesn’t really include a lot for our dark-skinned babes. Full size is $39.

Buy Babassu Foundcealer™ skincare foundation from Sephora.


HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair. I have tried HUM before and have actually looked into them a lot and haven’t purchased anything yet since I have been sick I didn’t want to blow the money on a  vitamin that makes me sicker. So I was excited to give these a  try. The pack only included 1 daily dose of these adorable heart-shaped gummies that taste amazing.  Afterward, I didn’t feel nausea or strange or anything. Even though 1 dose isn’t a  full test. I would buy these again to fully test them.

A bottle of these which is a 30 day supply is $25.

Buy Hair Sweet Hair from Sephora.


I really liked this box I wasn’t upset or disappointed with any of the products in it which is always a good thing.

These boxes are $10 and some change if you want to get one click the link below and sign up.

Sign up for Play! by Sephora.

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