Huda Beauty Gemstone Obsessions Palette


Here is another post I have been delaying doing. I have like 9 that have just been sitting in my drafts waiting for me to type up. I’m going to bust them out hopefully in the next few months.


This is the first Huda palette I have ever purchased. I have seen good reviews of the brand and how gorgeous the palettes are but didn’t want to blow the money on it if it didn’t work for me. I found this one on sale at Sephora for $15 so I grabbed it up.


This is the Gemstone Obsessions Palette, which they have an entire gemstone collection based on the colors and stones. This one is kind of all of those rolled into one.


There is a mirror the size of the tiny palette which I always love. At the bottom, you have the 9 shades that range through the gemstones tones.

Since there aren’t any names for these, so I’m going to give them a  number and just going to go down the swatches here and tell you the tone shade on my pale skin. Remember shades read differently on me than they may you.


  1. Super light pink that is almost a white shimmer on me. It’s full of light blue, purple tones, and fine silver glitter.

2.  Pinkish Purple, a  light Amethyst with fine blue and silver glitter.

3. Deep Emerald green with fine silver glitter in it.

4. Light Purple  Amethyst with pink tones and fine blue, pink and silver glitter mixed into it.

5. Dark Royal Purple Amethyst with fine pink glitter.

6. Dark Ruby Red shimmer with the same color glitter in it.

7. Light Orange Topaz with fine pink and silver glitter in it.

8. Baby Pink shimmer with golden and silver glitter. This is actually the color of my Engagement ring which is s  pink Sapphire.

9. Deep Sapphire Blue with deep purple undertones and light blue glitter mixed in.

I have literally have created a ton of looks with this palette since I have had it since around Christmas. This is one of the first ones and the most common one I create with this palette. Mainly cause I’m obsessed with pink. So this is all the pink and purple shades layered together to make this lovely look.

I really love this palette and find myself grabbing it a lot actually. Sometime I will just toss it in my purse for some touch ups if  I need them.  The formula of the shadows is super creamy and easy to apply. They have been layed up even though the colors are pretty intense anyway. Also they easier to mix and blend with other shades or other products without issue. This definitely convinced me to invest more in Huda products.

If you are interested in buy one of these palettes I have included links below.

Huda Beauty has them still in stock for $27.

Buy the Obsessions Gemstone Palette from Huda.

Sephora no longer has this mini palette but they do have some of the gemstones obsessions collections. They are $27 a piece if you are interested in grabbing one of those.

Buy a Huda Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette from Sephora.

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