Sparkle by Cara Alwill Leyba


Here is another one that I just haven’t reviewed. Honestly, I’ve been depressed the past few months so  I have been trying to get myself together and I’ve not been reading as much as I use too. Therefore I haven’t done a  book review since I honestly don’t know when. I read this book last year when I was on my Cara kick with her books and her podcast “Style Your Mind”. Now I’m behind on that and still have her last book that I preordered.

This was her first book which I decided to reread in hopes of getting out of my slump and back on track with my life. I figured that if she helped me the first time that she may pull back out of my rock bottom I hate my life whole again.

A little background on this book, like I said above this was Cara’s first book, which came out September 5, 2012. She tried to get the book published years before and was turned down a ton of time before it even was accepted by a publisher. You will actually hear about that in this book. 

In rereading well I actually found the audiobook of this and decided to listen to it instead. Which I loved cause Cara herself is the one that does it so it’s a  familiar voice to me since I listen to her podcast.  She is so positive in the book talking about her experience with being fired and being is an awful draining relationship. She tells you these things so that you can have someone to relate to. Cause honestly, we all go through so bullshit to get to the sweet amazing things.

In the book, you will hear about how to be easier on yourself, take the time recharge, and to get rid of those toxic thoughts and feeling so you can either keep or recharge your inner Sparkle.

Throughout the book, you will see quotes which I have included some of my favorites below.

This quote is actually one from Cara herself. This is a line in the book that she will basically quote again in the same chapter as a highlight. I have used them as like a checkpoint when reading. Also, I don’t remember these being read off in the audiobook but I could be wrong.  I thought this was stupid at first then realized she did it so that we can hear it again. Which is a really great way to get the point across especially if we missed it the first time around.

At the beginning of every chapter, there is a quote from someone or something to kind of summaries the chapter.  Of course, I adore the one from Marilyn especially since it’s one I’ve heard and lived by for years.

Also, I adore Sex and the City so this one stuck with me as well.

Honestly, this is a quick read or listen if you need a pick me up. It did get my mind working to figure my shit out. Also to listen to her other books and a couple other self-help empowering get your shit together books. Reviews of those will come soon.

This book is available on Amazon for around $13 and also as an audiobook. If you aren’t ready to buy it I suggest checking out her podcast and see how you like it. If you do decide to buy it I have provided a link below.

Buy Sparkle from Amazon.

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