You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero


I have been on a self help audio book kick lately and this is one that I have wanted to read but never purchased it to do so.

Jen Sincero is a bestselling author and world-traveling success coach. This is actually her  3rd book that came out April 23rd, 2013. Which the first 2 books actually sound like a  damn good time and I will have to check those out as well. This audiobook is read by the author herself with honestly I really love. It’s like they are giving you a private Ted talk, which honestly we all need that feeling sometimes.

In this book, she will review tips and trick on how to focus your life and clear your mind. You will hear all about the Big Snooze and why you need to get rid of it so that you can begin to heal and move on from the things that are holding you back.  Also, how to own your power and take control of your own happiness. Basically, you are gonna learn how to be a  badass and not blame others for your problems. It will also motivate you to get stuff done even if it’s not perfect, just do it put it out there and breath.

My most favorite thing about this book is she gives you lists. If you’ve read my blog before then you may know I am pro-lists. Literally, it feels like every chapter you get a list of inspiration to help you conquer the slump you are in. Some of the lists have the same things on them just worded a little different. Which I love cause repetition is how most of us remember things. The fact that it’s phrased differently helped me realize that I have just heard the same thing the last chapter. It works cause even if you have heard it before doesn’t mean that it affected you the first time.

Yes, the title of this book is exactly what you are going to accomplish from reading it.

This book did help me change my mindset so that I can begin to get my life together. I have been on the struggle bus lately and honestly I’m ready to kick some butt and do shit right now. I am also going to read the rest of her book and a couple more self help ones. Cause I can.

Also, Love yourself. You. Deserve. It. and You are a Badass.

I listened to this one on Scribd but you can purchase it on Amazon for under $15. The link is below if you want to grab it.

Buy You Are a Badass from Amazon.


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