July Ipsy Glam Bag.

Well Hello there,

I have my draft folder stocked back up with subscription reviews and random ideas I have had. So let me kick it off with my  Ipsy Glam Bag.



This Month’s theme was Dive In which is appropriate since it’s July and hot so if you have access to a pool you are lucky.  Our AC was broken and we just got it fixed last week so we are in heaven right now. Then the back tells you about their add ons option to add to your monthly Glam Bag.


Here is the list of what comes in the bag.


This month’s bag is very tropical themed and I dig it.


Murad’s Essential-C Cleanser. I honestly didn’t even realize they made cleansers I know them for their Lotions. This one is a thick gel that is easy to apply. Which you don’t need a whole bunch of it. All you have to do is add a little warm and it will lather up quite nicely.   I had no issued rinsing it off and it did leave my skin feeling clean. It does have a  citrus smell to it so it’s like a little burst of energy. Which is says it can be used morning or night but I think it may be better suited in the morning due to the smell. I always associate citrus with morning so it could just be me. I like this one and will use it all up.

This one is $39 for a 6.75oz tube.

Buy Essential C Cleanser from Murad.


Oseque Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cure.  This a creamy lotion that smells so strongly of rose, but it’s actually lovely.  It so easy to use and instantly makes your hands super soft. I have been keeping it on my desk at work so I can just grab it. My hands dry out a lot so I always keep hand lotion.  I really dig this one and would buy it again.

I literally can’t find this sold anywhere that’s not sketchy. It’s not even on the brand’s site. If you do come across let me know.



Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara. This is my very most favorite mascara. I got a  sample of it back at Christmas during a benefits sale Ulta was having and fell madly in love. I dig the whole aesthetic of Benefits packaging and the 50’s feel to it.

img_5745This mascara is incredible. It goes on with perfection and can be layered up. The spoolie on this is slim and makes for less clumping. I really love this stuff and of course, I would buy it again.

Full size of this is $25 and well worth it.

Buy Roller Lash from Benefits.



Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish is shade Where’s My Money?. I love nail polish and I have tried this brand before with no issues. This is a super light pinkish lilac and I had to use a couple coats to get full coverage. It is almost too light for me and really looks like I don’t have any polish on at first glance. I painted my nails and it did last through washing my hair and dishes. I like it as a  polish but I just wish the color was darker.

This one goes for $15 and comes in a ton of colors.

Buy Where’s My Money Polish from Trust Fund Beauty.



Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Botanic Dream. I love this brand and honestly, they are really underrated.  They are always such good quality for a damn good price.  This is a  highlighter that is super easy to use and you don’t have to use a lot to be able to see it. This one did show really pink on my skin just in case that’s not something you are into. I really like this one and will use it all up.

This one is  $4.99.

Buy Megaglo Highlighting Powder from Wet n Wild.

I am really happy with this bag. Ipsy continues to come through for me and give me good products that I’m actually into so I’m happy with it. Seriously doing the reviews on the site pays off for you after a while.

What did you all get?  Anything good? Tell me stuff.

If you don’t get Ipsy. It’s$10 a month and I have provided a link below.

Sign up for Ipsy.



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