July Sephora Play


I’m continuing in with my subscription reviews with my Sephora Play Box.


This month’s theme is Desert Island Essentials, cause it’s hot and if you get stranded or ever feel stranded these are the tools you will need to survive.


The fold-out is this fun island map full of tips. Also, your 50 points which you can now put in for online orders.


You get a green plastic bag this month which is a fun change-up. I have taken to using these bags to store random junk. They are thick enough to hold it.


Ren’s Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic. This is not a brand I can recall hearing of. I do appreciate a good tonic so I was excited to try it. When you open it you can smell orange, but it’s not overkilling. This one is easy to use but it does have a slight burn to it. Which isn’t too bad since you can feel it cleansing. However after using this my face is always sticky. I thought I was using too much and even with less it still leaves me sticky. I also tried to use another tonic to clean it up and it made it worst. I really don’t care for it and wouldn’t buy it again.

This comes in  2 sizes 8.5oz for $35 and  16.9oz for $45.

Buy Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic



Living Proof Perfect Hair Day. I really like this brand as I have tried it several times before. I have never had any issues with it. This is a shampoo which I have never tried alone usually only with a conditioner. This one is black due to the charcoal. I had to use a glob of it to get it through my hair. It lathered up really well and rinsed out the same. It did leave my hair weird and squeaky clean. I used my normal conditioner and it helped to counteract that feeling. Once my hair dried it was super soft and manageable. I liked it but I wouldn’t buy it again cause its not something I really need.

This one comes in  3  sizes. A mini 20z for $12, Standard 8oz  for $27, and a Value size 24oz with a  pump for $59.

Buy Perfect Hair Day Shampoo.



ATELIER COLOGNE Clémentine California Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume. A couple times a  year I get perfume from this brand. I’m pretty sure I have gotten this one before, it’s usually it or the vanilla one. This one smells like oranges with a  hit of something floral. It’s a  really warm scent like just when you inhale it warms you up. It may be the effect of the clementines that is an orange but much sweeter. I actually just bought some clementines at the store the other day. I really like this scent it’s not too much but it’s just enough if that makes sense. I don’t think I would buy it again since it’s not really my scent.

This one comes in  4 sizes. A mini 0.34oz for $28, 1oz  for $78, 3.3oz for $135, 6.7oz for $195.

Buy Clementine California Cologne Perfume.



 Shiseido Controlled Chaos MascaraInk. I have heard of this brand and tried a couple things from it. I have actually tried a bendable mascara from them last year. This stuff right here is incredible. I mean the wand/spoolie is perfect to make sure you get all your lashes without clumping. You can apply multiple coats without issues and it makes your lashes super full and long. I really love this stuff and would definitely buy it again.

The standard size of this is $25.

Buy ControlledChaos Volumizing MascaraInk.



Milk Makeup Hyrdo Grip Primer. I love Milk and all their hemp-derived products. I have tried a lot of their stuff but never a  primer so I was excited. This one is a  thick gel that goes on fairly easy. It does make your face a little sticky but it’s not that bad. It starts soaking in which in a few mins and your face will begin to get softer. I have been using it as my based primer before makeup. I have used it alone and just applied foundation and with a blur stick and it works perfectly either way. I really like this one it primes my skin and makes the foundation wear a little longer. Also, I haven’t had a  ton of clumping. I would buy this one again.

This one comes in  2  sizes, a mini 0.33 oz for $15, and a 1.52 oz for $30.

Buy Hydro Grip Primer.




So I didn’t get this one and didn’t even really notice till late last week. I have just contacted customer service this morning and they sent back a response that they were not able to send it out but they did give me $100 points to make up for the missing. Which I will take I have been hoarding points recently.

I really enjoyed this box. I really liked all the items and trying them out. It was a nice mix of stuff I really hadn’t tried. I love trying new things good or bad.

Anyone else gets a Play! box? if so what did you get?

If you want to sign up for one they are $10 a  month and as always I have included a  link below.



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