July Allure Beauty Box


I have come to the conclusion I may have a  problem. I literally have too many of these damn boxes. So I am gonna start cutting a couple out. Because I can really and I’m tried for the most part. Which is why this is a day late I got busy getting my life together. Also, I had to rewrite most of this yesterday due to an update error on my part.

Anyways I have been seeing this one for a while and decided to grab it when I saw Huda was involved. I am a  big fan of Huda Beauty and everything I have tried from the brand so I decided to give this one a  try. Which I got a  deal on it that I will go over at the end,.


This is the inside of the box which features a  quote then a picture of Huda herself. The outside of the box is plain white and it’s not worth going over. I dig the inside tho.


This is a pamphlet that tells you all the fun things about the box. Also, it has items in it that were not included in the box and the ones that were don’t all have pages so it’s strange.  So I decided to not include the pictures of it like I do with the other boxes since this is more detailed than just a paragraph. Since this is a box put together for Huda reasons I will let you know why each item was picked.


You get 25% off with Huda Beauty, which I have even looked at anything to see what I want to use it on.


You get this clear neon pink bag which held a bulk of the box products.

TonyMoly Intense Care Gold Snail Hydro Gel Mask. I have tried this brand before and a couple of their sheet masks. This is the first gel one I have tried so I was intrigued to give it a go. This one is super slimy which I should have assumed since it mentions snail on the back. I took it out and it’s in 2 parts. I put the top one on first with the rough side on my face. The bottom I had to untangle before I put it on and it just kept sliding off. I finally got it to stay on about 10 minutes in. This one has a slight sting to it then a chill. I left it on for 30 mins which I felt like was forever cause it started to get uncomfortable for me. Mainly because it was slipping off when I moved and the flaps that go over my nose were so long I kept inhaling them and it wasn’t nice. I took it off and massaged it in with my hands then took my jade roller over my face. I actually let it soak in completely overnight and when I work up my face was soft with a glow. I like the after product but not the process so I’m not sure if I would buy this one again.

This mask is $10.

Buy TonyMoly’s Intense Care Snail Gold 24k Hydrating Mask.

Kayali Vanilla. This one is actually a fragrance created by Huda and her sister Mona. This stuff smells like heaven to me. I love Vanilla scented everything, this one is a  happy combination of a light floral and cake batter. It literally makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I am going to have to invest in this stuff cause seriously it’s wonderful.

This one comes in 2 sizes, 50ml for $65 and 100ml for $118.

Buy Kayali Vanilla.


Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray. I have tried a couple products from this brand over the years with no issues. I have never been into hairspray since I was in little and did Barbettes. I just don’t care for how it makes my hair feel. However, I have recently discovered texturizing hair spray and actually like this cause it doesn’t make my hair feel dirty or anything. This stuff is fun. I like to use it on my braids so that I can get that extra hold to the waves. It also helps if you need a  little volume to your hair. I flipped my head over and spray it and it makes it not look dead and lifeless. I dig this stuff and would buy it again.

This one is $26.

Buy OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray.

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream. I’m a  big fan of this brand since I have tried several items from them with a good experience.  I am pretty sure I have tried this before at some point or at least something like it. This is a Moisture Cream which I love from any brand really since it’s always a little extra boost your face needs. This is a  light cream that I don’t have to use a lot to get to work for me. I have been using it at night after washing my face and using toner. It goes on easy and immediately starts soaking in leaving my face feeling super soft. I have been using it on an off for a week with no issues. It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy in the morning and it gives me a slight hydrated glow. I really dig this stuff and would buy it again.

A  50ml jar of this is $42.

Buy Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. This one I have tried before a  couple Play boxes ago. I literally used it all up. So how this works is you take this thick gel and spread it across your face before you go to sleep and then wash it off in the morning. The directions suggest using it once a week. I have used it a couple times a week to fully test it. After rinsing in the morning my face is left hydrated and soft. I really like this one and will use it all up.

A 70ml jar of this is $30.

Buy Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Benefits Ka-Brow Cream Gel Brow Color. I love Benefits brow products in general. They are my favorite and go-to brow fix at the moment. I actually have one of these in a lighter shade that I have been using for months. These tiny things last forever. I use this by underlining my brow then lightly outline the top before I fill it in.  This stuff is easy to work and is easy to play with before it dries completely.  This one is a shade too dark for me but the actual product I love and will continue to buy just in my shade.

This one is $24 and comes in  8 shades.

Buy Benefits ka-Brow! eyebrow gel.

Huda Beauty Classic Lash in  Samantha. I’m not going to lie I don’t do false lashes simple cause they just feel strange to me. I either can’t get them to stick or I glue my eye shut so I just don’t both with it. Plus I have figured out out a way to make my lashes super long with mascara instead. However for the sake of this post I  gave them a try.  When you open it you do get a  picture guide of Huda applying lashes and how to do so. The only downside to these is they don’t come with any glue, which any other time I have gotten lashes they have. So I had to go buy some to really try them since they wouldn’t just stick on. If you are someone who doesn’t normally wear lashes then it’s just not something that you have around.


I was able to get one of them on and you can clearly see which one that is. They look good but also silly since it’s not something I’m used to. I may have to wear them around and get used to them. Cause I like the effect but I don’t like the feel to them so I wouldn’t buy them normally since Its just not my thing.

These are $20 and they have 11 different styles including this one.

Buy Huda’s, Classic Lash.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Alluring. So the whole reason I got into Huda Beauty is because of a Lip Strobe Kit I bought a while back. I fell in love with it and have used it all up. So when I saw this in here I decided it was time to give these boxes a try.  First, off I  adore this packaging, you still get the classic Huda Liquid Lip layout just they added the see-through sleeve over it with the name of the shade. Which by the way this shade was specifically created for this box and as of right now it’s the only place you can get it. I also love the message under where the lipstick goes it helps bring it all together and I like it.

The shade Alluring itself is an orange-red that is more on the red side thankfully since I’m just not a  big fan of orange.

This one read on me as more of a  red which I think is why it works. It may read differently on you. Also, note how dark my brow is from the brow gel. This formula is wonderful, it goes on smooth and is easy to apply/contour your lips with. It also doesn’t dry out your lips and stays on for hours. I wore it yesterday and ran errands and cleaned various parts of my house all while it stayed on. Seriously when I came across a mirror hours after applying I was shocked.  I dig it and will continue to buy various Huda lipsticks.

These go for $20 a  pop and come in  26 shades.

Buy Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick.

So, I really dug this box and I’m glad I finally pulled the trigger on giving it a  try. I got products I liked and ones I wanted to try. Honestly, it was just fun. The whole thing and I got that pamphlet which is basically a  mini-magazine. I do believe I’m going to keep trying this one for a  couple months cause it’s simple and not a  whole lot of money.

The deal with this one is if you sign up you get your 1st month for $10, it’s normally $15.  Which for the items that you get for that amount is honestly a  steal.  I actually chose the option where I get the box for $10 then paid $5 to get 6 Allure Magazines. I follow them online but never try it so I  decided too and I actually dig it as well. I’m really happy overall which this one and will see what next month brings.

If you want to sign up for this as always there is a  link below.

Sign Up for Allure Beauty Box.

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