April Slam Crate

Well Hello there,

Listen, I know what you are thinking. Girl this post says April… what are you doing with your life? Well, this one is not on me. Slam Crate has been delayed recently so this is the April Crate but I didn’t get it till like 2 weeks ago. So here we are.


The Theme of this one was WrestleMania which happened in April so it worked for the theme that month. They have changed it up to this card which has the list of items you get in the box. Also features the  2 Raw champions at the time cause I guess the big name or whatever.


This is actually on the back of the card. I guess this is their way of changing it up from the posters they usually put in there. This is a photo from a couple Mania’s ago where we all thought The Undertaker retired since the shows ended with him losing his 2nd Mania match and take off his signature jacket. gloves, and hat to just leave in the ring. I personally love Taker and have since I was little so I’m going to frame this and hang it up somewhere in my office.

Slam Stars Limited Edition Seth Rollins Figure. So I feel kinda cheated on this one cause they put a Seth in a  box last year and I’m pretty sure this was one of the ones you got. Which I like Seth Rollins so I have no issues but still feel like a cop-out on Slam Crate’s part to include a  figure that was already included once in these boxes.  It’s like they just had a  bunch of extras they are just trying to get rid extras.


The one of the rights is the one I already had. They are literally the same just different ring gear colors. I wanted to include that just so you can get a comparison of them. I will put them somewhere fighting each other or something.


WrestleMania Side Plate Pin Set. These are just pins that you can put on those fanny pack belts, which I have 2  that are just hanging in my office. I will probably just put them on my corkboard with the rest of my wrestling pins.


WWE Championship Enamel Pin. I was actually surprised I hadn’t gotten this one yet in one of these. However, I glad the choice to put it in here cause it means more now. This year Kofi Kingston won this one and it was a happy day for us all. Go google KofiMania and you will understand why.


WrestleMania T-shirt. You would think by the name that it would be an actually Mania tee but this one is a Then, Now, and Forever shirt. It’s WWE’s tag line these days. I dig it those you have Then featuring The Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, and The Undertaker, Now featuring Charlotte Flair, of course, John Cena, and Seth Rollins. However, the Forever is writing in the Roddy Piper Hot Rod Lettering, which Ronda Rousey uses now. I am assuming that’s why it’s the Forever part. I do like this shirt and it’s super light comfy material.


This random Balor Club poster that wasn’t on the list was tossed in the box. I’m assuming since the last box was to feature a Finn Balor poster that this is it. I like and will put it up somewhere.

This crate wasn’t anything to amazing just normal run of the mill. I like it and will do something with the things.

If you want to sign up for Slam Crate of Loot Crate, in general, there is a  link below.

Sign up for Loot Crate.

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