The Champagne Diet


While I’m on my kick of cleaning out my draft folder and reviewing books I read a while back and just haven’t had the mindset to review.

This is the second of Cara’s book that I  decided to reread well listen to via audiobooks. Which maybe my new favorite thing. I can listen while I get some stuff done and it’s wonderful. Plus it’s nice to get my own personal Ted Talk from a positive motivating boss chick.

This one came out on June 13, 2013. This one is more on the let’s get healthy and drop some weight side of self-help. I say that but it’s really to change your mindset so that you can focus on getting your body healthy and your mental health in check as a whole.

In this book, Cara will give you tips and tricks on how to change your mindset before you can truly start to get your body in check. Honestly, if you have ever struggled with your weight then you already know it’s all in your head for the most part. You know what I’m talking about. Those thoughts saying you are good enough, you would be prettier if you skinner, or even happier if you lost some weight.  Since I was like 10 I have had these thoughts in my head and it’s taken a  massive toll on my mental health.

You will hear Cara’s own personal experience with her weight struggles. She will talk you through exercises where you will write down your issues and review them. She does this so that you can see it in writing and realize how silly you are being. Also, normal diets don’t work and how you need to find something that works for you.

The one thing I found helpful was when she goes over the items you purchase cause some stuff you think is good for you is basically trash. This has made me start checking the back of the stuff I buy so I don’t put something that got extra things in them that just aren’t good for you.  She also encourages you to research different eating styles such as plant-based or vegan. Which I would recommend doing from some who have struggled with food rebelling against me. Personally, I don’t eat red meat and pork cause it leaves me sick to my stomach and feeling like I want to die.  I have tried a little bit of everything mainly since I have Gastritis and some foods will give me that flare up I want to die feeling as well.

Seriously this book is really based on helping you find out what works for your body and how to stick with it. That and learning how to not beat yourself up when you stray from that diet or plan you have found. Which we all have done and know how awful it is.

Since Cara likes to include quotes in her books I included my  2  favorites below.

Throughout the book, you will see these manifestoes at the end of each chapter.

Then again she quotes herself so that you can hear something important again.

I really adore Cara and her books are amazing. I have the rest of them here that I’m going to reread and then review so be expecting them to see those pop-up. I also have her last one and her workbook that I have not read so I’m excited to recap before I  dig into those. If you want to grab one of her books or just this one. There is a  link below. Or if you just want to follow her online she is @TheChampagneDiet on everything.

Buy The Champagne Diet on Amazon.

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