Summer Walmart Beauty Box.


I got this box a  while back and lost it in cleaning my office. It got shoved to the side since I have been all over the place the last bit. When I got it I was getting over a cold and being sick in general. Plus there is one product in it that I was hesitant to try since my Gastritis has been a hit and miss lately. I finally have gotten my medicine straight and have been better so I got the testing for this complete.


They have been including bags in the last couple of boxes. This one is a canvas bag with the little pink Walmart Sparks all over it. It’s rather cute and I will find something to do with it.


Tresemme Between Washes Dry Shampoo. I have gotten this stuff somewhere else and can’t for the life of me find out where or even when.  As far as Dry Shampoo’s go this one isn’t bad. You just Spray it in and wait a  couple mins before combing it. It works fairly well but doesn’t last cause after a couple Hours my hair just felt dirty again. I don’t know if it’s where my hair is so long or I am constantly running my fingers through it. My wife was able to use it and it worked well but her hair is shorter. I don’t care for this one so I won’t be buying it again.

A 7.5oz  can of this goes for $5.98.

Buy TRESemmé Between Washes Volumizing Dry Shampoo.


Hello Activated Charcoal Fluoride Free Whitening Toothpaste. Funny story I got this one in another Walmart box last year and didn’t even review it. Cause I was just gonna copy it from that post and it’s not even there. So this is a charcoal toothpaste which I know sounds super gross and it’s actually not. This is a black toothpaste that has a slight mint to it. The mint is not bad or too overpowering, it’s just right. Your teeth will be back until you rinse and it has whitened my teeth a little bit.  I really like it and would buy it again.

A 4oz tube of this is $4.82.

Buy Hello Activated Charcoal Fluoride Free Whitening Toothpaste.


Pantene Intense Rescue Shots. I did steal this review from a previous post since I got this in the last one. This one is all gold everything. The package really caught my eye when I pulled it out of the bag cause of it.  This one is a hair treatment which I am always for since my hair is a natural disaster sometimes. The tube is also gold, which I like that it kept with the theme of it all.  This is a tiny tube so I was worried I wouldn’t get to fully test it. However, this one you on take some and use it on the bottom of your hair. It says start midway and goes down to the tips. The cream was easy to apply and I didn’t have to use as much as I thought which shocked me since my hair is so long.  I have been able to use this 3 times so far with still enough for one or 2 more treatments. This stuff is pretty amazing, it left my hair soft and untangled.  The bottom part of my hair is what I have the most issues with really so this was perfect for that.  This one is still good the  2nd time around and I would still buy it again.

These come in a pack of 3 of these 0.5oz tubes for $4.97 which isn’t actually that bad. I thought it would be more for some reason.

Buy Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots Hair  


SooAe Purifying Black Charcoal Mask. I have tried a couple masks from this brand with no issues. I put this one on and it goes on super easy and fits my face without sliding off. This is an all-black mask as the name says and it rather concerned my husky who had to stare at me for a few mins before she was ok.  After about  2 mins of wearing it, you start feeling the coldness to it. It’s not awful and I had no issue when wearing it like I wanted to take it off mins in. I pulled it off and some home my face felt colder than it did with it on. I massaged the remainder in and left it to soak in for 30 mins. It left my skin feeling heavy like I had something sticky on it. I was able to control it with putting moisturizer over the top of it. However, I don’t care for this one so I wouldn’t buy it again.

A single mask is $2.50 and a  2 pack is $3.40.

Buy Soo Ae Purifying Black Charcoal Mask 


Purely Inspired Collagen Peptides. This is what held up this review. Since my gastritis has been a hit and missed in recent months I didn’t want to try this and get sick then lose a whole day on it. So I waited for a day I felt ok to give it a try, also I had to order a  new shaker bottle since I lost my lid to my other one. I mixed this with almond milk. It had a strange almost mint taste which wasn’t too bad. However, I ended up pouring it out cause it wasn’t something I was in to and ultimately I couldn’t drink it. So I won’t be buying this one again.

A 1lb tub of this is $19.97.

Buy Purely Inspired Collagen Peptides.



Salon Perfect Done in  One Brow Pomade. This is a Rogue brow product from a brand that I have never heard of. This one is simple and eases to use. You get the double-ended brush with the spoolie on one end and the brush on another. When I pulled it out of the box I was worried that it would be too dark on me.  The formula goes on with ease and you can manipulate it pretty well.  I have been using it to outline my brow then fill it in. It works really well. Actually, it worked so well that I have used it a lot actually. I would buy this one again just cause it’s simple.

This comes in  3  shades and goes from $3.55 to  $5.97.

Buy Salon Perfect Done In One Brow Pomade.

I enjoy getting these boxes since they are simple products. However, I did cancel this box since I just keep getting the same stuff and I just don’t want to deal with it right now. I may pick it back up later but right now I’m over it.

If you want to get a seasonal(4 boxes a year) Walmart beauty box they are $5 and available at the link below.

Sign up for Walmart Beauty Box.

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