Letter to my 27-year-old self.

Dear Past Me,

You have been 27 for about 2 months. I know you were waiting for this birthday since you are so obsessed with the number. Please try not to be too sad when you turn 28 I promise it will be ok.

I need you to know somethings.

4 months ago you started a new job journey and girl, let me tell you in 4 years times will be one of the masters of it. So no matter how down you get there are good things to come and you are gonna do so many fun things. You will actually be appreciated here. Don’t fuck it up and don’t quit.

I know you just got engaged 3 months ago and are all excited to plan a wedding. Do yourself a favor and just elope it will be less stress.

You will be married in 9 months time. You will be so happy. Don’t let anything get you down. Fuck anyone would try to take it from you.

In 11 month you will finally quit that job that drained you for so long.

In over a year it will be a dark time for the world. Trump will be president and you will have to be a nasty woman.

In a year in half, you will celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary and it will be wonderful. Your wife will write you sweet love letters that you will keep in your wallet as a reminder of your love.

In 2 years time, you will finally start that blog you wanted to do for years. You are gonna figure it out and it’s gonna be a good time. Remember to write from the heart. It will help you work through some shit so use it.

Your makeup skill will get better. You are gonna glow up so hard.

Take care of yourself. You are gonna get super sick with blackout gastritis. So try and get it under control early. It will be a lot of bullshit. Also, buy a  set of resistance bands now they will be the greatest help you need to get your body right.

You will go through bouts of depression and your anxiety will be awful at times. Don’t give up it will all work itself out.

Remember you have this intense magic in you. Find it and learn to use it for good. Trust your gut, that bitch knows what’s up.

Finally, don’t take it personally when the world of people break your heart it’s not your fault. You have done nothing wrong. You just want the best for everyone so if they can’t see or feel that it’s on them not you. Your emotions will try to trick you. It’s the empath in you. It will pass and you will get stronger.

Remember you are brave and Fearless.

Don’t settle for 2nd best. You are better and deserve more.

I love you and I promised it will be ok.

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