Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair


I’m still on my let’s clean out my draft folder kick. If you follow this blog or me on social platforms then you are aware that I like to dye my hair fun colors. I think I have tried about every dye out there at this point. It’s like a secret mission of my life to try them all and find the best one.

I have tried and loved Lime Crime lipstick but not really tried anything else. I did see fun videos and reviews on these so when I found them on sale I decided to give them a  try. These are the dyes that are supposed to dye brown hair and since I’m a  blonde I thought ok this will do better and take on my hair.

So I got  4 of them, at the time they were on sale I believe BOGO or Buy One and get one 50% or something. When I buy hair I usually stick with the pink, blue or purple for the most part.

Pony– Dark royal purple which went on my hair little lighter than it looks like it would.

Bubblegum Rose– I ordered this cause it looks like bubblegum pink like the sticker on the top and it actually on the orange or coral side of the pink spectrum. On blonde hair, it goes on as such as well.

Moodchild- I ordered this kinda based on name alone.  Also, I have always really wanted lavender hair so I thought this would go perfectly on super blonde hair. It really didn’t work and was basically a tint.

Anime- Royal Blue. This one went on the best actually but still wasn’t that effective.

I got these a while back and weren’t really pleased with them so I wanted to try them again. I will show you the 1st attempt then the 2nd.


I just put random colors in since my 1st test didn’t go too well and they washed out. I mixed the bubblegum and the moonchild.


The result turned out well since my hair was mostly blonde at the time. However, it washed out after a couple washed and just faded. I had tipped it with a little blue but you can’t see it. I wish I had gotten better pictures, but I was so upset with it I didn’t bother.

Now for my 2nd attempt.

This was my hair before. The pink is a different brand. It was for another test I was doing so current one side of my tips is pink. img_7251.jpg

I decided to do chunks. I did small ones of the Bubblegum Rose and the Moonchild then bigger chunks of the Pony and Anime. I did this cause the lighter colors didn’t really take last time so I didn’t want to bother waste my hair on it. The darker ones I wanted to show more.

I really dig the dye. The 2 light ones you can see when they are fresh but they faded after a couple of washes. The dark colors also faded a  little but it was into this lovely lighter almost pastel shades. The darker colors work better for me which is weird since I’m so blonde.  However, I think where I’m don’t bleach my hair it didn’t take as well as it could have. I do really like the after effect of these dyes and I may try another darker shade on down the line or at least use these up before that.

If you want to give these a  try they have these dyes,  Hair tints and also depositing conditioner which is new and will be on my list to try.  The full coverage hair dyes I reviewed are  $21.73. The link below has them all if you want to check them out.

Buy Lime Crime’s  Unicorn Hair Dye. 

Has anyone else tried this? How did it go for you? Tell me stuff.

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