Fab Fit Fun Summer Box


So I did a thing. It’s something I have wanted to try foreverrrrrrrrr and never really did it. So they have a promo that if you sign up you get 30% off your first box. They had some things I wanted to try so I decided to give it a shot.


This is the summer box so they went with a tropical theme for the outside of the box.


The inside of the box they intervened the colors for the inside of it.

img_6333They give you this short little magazine that has all the info about the box and the products. You also get a short interview with Eva and then some informational QAs with doctors. It’s actually a  nice little read and I enjoyed it.


You also get a gift card for Hello Fresh which is something that I would like to try as well just haven’t caused it would just be me eating it so it seems pointless. My wife doesn’t eat the same stuff I do so.


Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask. This mask is a  little on the thin side when you apply it but in a good way.  It doesn’t have a weird clay mask smell to it. I have used it a couple time and it goes on easy. It didn’t get stuck in my hair or burn me or anything crazy.  I left it on for 10 mins then wash it off in the shower which honestly works better for me personally.  After I  dry off my face is soft with a little glow. I don’t have any dryness or anything weird. I dig it and would totally buy it again.

This one is $29.

Buy Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask.89a8c7bc-44bb-4cce-9f33-6017a120e926

Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish. I love a good polish so I was excited about this one. It’s a creamy gel with little scrubbers in it. I thought it would be last a typical polish with all the rough bits to it. This is the opposite. However, it does do the trick and is easy to massage into your skin. Then when you wash it off you have this smooth and lovely skin.  I have been using this alone and with the other face wash in this box. This was really a pleasant surprise and I would totally buy it again.

A 3.4oz tube of this is $57. You can get a  discount if you do a  subscription or sign up for emails.

Buy Refining Micro Polish from Intelligent Nutrients.

Dr. Brandt Pore Purifying Cleanser. I really like Dr. Brandt from what products I have tried here and there. This is a  thick gel-cream that is easy to lather up and massage into your skin. I have been using this one alone and after I use the one above. It leaves my skin soft, clean and with a slight glow. I really dig this one. It’s simple and I would buy it again.

A tube of this is $36.

Buy Pores Purifying Cleanser.

Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask. I have been using this one on and off since I got it. If you have ever done one of those foot mask it’s the same gel stuff. The main difference is you apply this and let it dry instead of putting the mask bag on for like an hour then rinsing.  I put it on before I got to sleep then wipe it off with a wet washcloth. It leaves my feet soft but I wish it actually had the same effect of dead skin falling off after a  few days. I like it but I don’t know if I would really buy it again.

A tube of this is $32, but it is currently out of stock.

Buy Exfoliating Foot Mask.


Invisiblebobble Original Duo Pack. I did a  review on these a  few months ago after I bought them on a whim from Sephora. I love them and that hasn’t changed. These are plastic phone cord looking hairbows. They work perfectly to wear on your wrist if you wear bracelets. They can be wrapped around your hair several times and still go back to their normal size. They don’t pull at my hair or leave it with that crease when it’s been up for so long. Also, they last for months. I dig these and of course, would buy them again.

A set is about $8.

Buy Invisibobble.

Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray. I will forever and always appreciate a  good rose spray. They are seriously my favorite. This is a Hydrating Rose Facial Spray.  I have been using it when my face feels extra dry and as part of my makeup routine.  I have been used it before foundation after contouring then as a setting spray. It works wonderful every way plus it smells amazing. I will be buying this one again.

A  bottle of this goes for $25.95.

Buy Rose Spray.

Burn 60 Resistance bands. I have been looking for some bands for a while now. So when I saw they were in this box it was one of the reasons I got it. You get 3 levels of resistance which is great if you are just starting out. I haven’t used bands in years so these were a good set to start back with. I really love them and have incorporated them into my workout. I never really realized that you can get a full-body work out with just a set of these.  There is a shit tone of videos of youtube btw. I  dig these and would buy them again if I didn’t already have them.

These are $34.

Buy Burn 60 Resistance Bands.

Spiritual Gangster Maya Kimono. This was the real reason I decided to get this box. I have been looking for a kimono for months and haven’t been able to decide on one This is black with white and grey flowers on it. It’s super soft and light when you put it on.  It’s short-sleeved which you think wouldn’t work to keep you warm but it does. I have been wearing it at work in the morning or just around the house. Mainly when I want to try and make myself feel more elevated if that makes sense. It helps give me a vibe that I can get shit done and everything is alright with the world.  I got an OS fits all which it will tie at the top but it doesn’t really cover my stomach all the way.  It’s not super tight or anything so that’s not really and issues. I dig it and I would buy another one from the brand. Which I tried to see if this one was still on sale to post a  link but I literally can’t find it on sale anywhere or one like it.  So I am just gonna post the link to the brand.

Shop Spiritual Gangster.

XO, Sienna Black Felt Letter Board. Another thing I have been looking at is actually a felt board. I think they are adorable so this is another reason I decided to get this box. This comes with the board itself and then you get all the letters, numbers, and symbols to make whatever message you want. I, of course, used my blog title for this post.  It’s simple to use and the letter fit snuggly into it without falling out. I really dig it and will be using it a lot in the future for various things.

This board set is $30.

Buy XO, Sienna Black Felt Letter Board.

I am really pleased with this box. I enjoyed everything in it completely. Seriously It was a treat cause some of the stuff included isn’t normally stuff I would buy myself so it was nice to just buy 1 thing and it has so much stuff in it. I got this box for  40% off so I only ended up paying like $30 for it instead of $50. That is only off the 1st box just so you know.  However, you get over $300 worth of product for $50 which is a steal.  I dig it and will be getting the fall one as well.

If you are interested in this box I have included my referral link everyone who signs up gets one. I’m not being paid to say or review this or anything.  Just trying random shit and reviewing it cause I can.

I stole the following from a random Facebook ad.

FabFitFun is having this AMAZING deal right now 🙌 New members, get your 1st box ($200+ value) + a FREE mystery bundle ($125+ value) for just $39.99 usd with code FALLGIFT 🤟

If you do sign up please let me know what you think about it.

Sign up For FabFitFun!

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