My love affair with Doctor Who


So it’s no secret I love Van Gogh. Another thing that may not be a secret is my love for Doctor Who. The first episode I ever saw of the show was the Van Gogh one. I jumped in it like halfway through and immediately I was drawn into it. As an artist myself I always thought Van Gogh was a little misunderstood and this episode will put him in a whole new brilliant light.  It was a while after that when I finally decided to watch the show. I had wanted to for a while since I adored Billie Piper in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. So with a glowing recommendation from this guy I was into, I gave it a try. I immediately fell in love. If you have to start now then start with the revival of it. Start with 9, DO NOT SKIP 9.


9-Christopher Eccelston is fantastic. He is sassy and blunt but has a soft side on occasion. If you skip him don’t talk to me. Trust me you will regret it.


10-David Tennant is my doctor, as much as I adore the other ones he is the one I loved the most. He is just as sassy as 9 but in a different way. He and Rose Tyler do it for me and that will never change. It’s just so special and it both warms and breaks my heart.


11-Matt Smith is really just a big cat. He is smart, playful, and basically all over the place. He doesn’t have eyebrows but is still a good time.


12-Pete Capaldi-he is all eyebrows. He is rather grumpy but honestly, he has his reasons after all the bullshit he has been through at this point. He is sweet and it will get to you in a  way you didn’t realize it good.

Since I started to watch this I have gone through periods where it’s all I want to watch then I don’t want to watch it at all. Usually, that because I don’t want to lose a certain character or I’m not ready to let go of the current Doctor. Sometimes it just makes me sad to watch cause it reminds me of a happy time or someone I lost and I decided against it. Only to end up watching it and realizing I was dumb and this show makes me happy. Listen I’m not saying this show is an easy time, It’s a fun time but it’s not easy. You will have your heart broken and ripped out of your chest. It will also pick it back up put it in and make it ok again. You will cry but it will be a  good well-needed cry. It will also teach you things and honestly make you question others. Ultimately it’s worth and will do good things for you.

I have recently caught up to where I’m at the new series when I started working on this post I had to order the  Christmas Special Twice Upon a Time for the regeneration. I also order the next series featuring  Jodie Whittaker as the 1st female doctor. I watched the special and cried as I normally do with those.  Then I jumped in and started watching 13 and she is brilliant. I watched the 1st  disk then stop cause I’m going through one of those things again where I just don’t want to.

I’m excited to finish it but the next series doesn’t come out till next year so I may spread it out.

Anyone else what this show? Who is your favorite Doctor?  Tell me stuff

2 thoughts on “My love affair with Doctor Who

  1. Its so hard but David Tennant . I just love him more now because of Good Omens . Still need to watch the newest episodes with Jodi . I loved that actress in Broadchurch . Oh wait that also had David Tennant in it as well .

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