Love Beauty Planet Body Butter


I have drafts for months and no motivation to write. I’m gonna clear these out. I’m just sad these days.

You know what makes me happy though?! This brand. Love Beauty & Planet has quickly begun my favorite brand. Seriously I use every day. They make my lotion, my shampoo, and conditioner, and my body wash. I’m obsessed.

This is their Body Butter.


This is my favorite scent Murumuru Butter & Rose. If you remember I reviewed the shampoo bar in the same one. They use the same pretty pink theme in all of the collections. Honestly, that’s what made me buy it.


This is a thick creamier version of the normal lotion. It goes on smooth and absorbs into your skin instantly leaving with that creamy oh so soft smooth hydrated skin.

I love to use this one after I have shaved to add that little extra moisture and softness to my legs. I also keep it by my bed so I can use it when need be.

I seriously love this brand and everything I have tried so I will be buying it again.

A jar of this is $8.99 and last me a couple of months. A Little of this goes a long way for me. I get mine at  Target but I believe it’s carried about everywhere now. They have it in 2  scents this one and a Shea Butter. An always I included a link below.

Buy Love Beauty and Plant Body Butter.

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