I’ll Be Gone in The Dark


I’m trying to listen to more Audiobooks since I have the Scrib app and this was on there. Since I’m a huge True Crime Junkie and listen to several podcasts dedicated to such. I had this book on my list to read. I have yet to buy the book but when I saw this I started it.

If you aren’t aware this book is all about Michelle McNamara obsession with true crime but more specially the Golden State Killer. Which is the name she gave him instead of the random ones he had been giving throughout the years.

This book is a super easy listen. Only a couple of the chapters are super long but the girl would narrates it has a soft even tone. It’s actually hard to stop listening to her. I was listening to it at night while getting ready for bed. Cause you know I like nightmare fuel and shit. She has a soothing voice and it took me a little over a week to get though the book.

Since the book was finished after Michelle’s death you get parts of it that are put together from her notes and transcript of a conversation with Paul Holes and other law enforcement agents. Which I wish Paul Holes had actually read his part but since he wasn’t retired when the book came out. If you have never listed to Paul speak I suggest you do. He is easy to listen to aswell. Check out the Murder Squad podcast he does with Billy Jensen.

The last couple chapters are written by The kid Paul Hayes and Billy Jensen based on the information they collection from Michelle’s research and everything. You can tell the difference in the writing. Honestly even they didn’t tell you it you could tell. Michelle had a special way of writing that makes you get lost in her pieces. My favorite part is where she write a letter to the killer which was the perfect ending to the whole thing.

I loved this book and would highly recommend it even you love crime books.

Buy I’ll be Gone in The Dark.

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