FFG Act on Intuition Day 1

Hiya people,

I know I have been kinda, sort of missing the past few weeks.  Honestly, it was a  series of unfortunate events and sadly not the NPH involved ones.  I was actually going to do this thing I’m gonna tell you about last month but the night before I had intense unbearable side pains that landed me in the ER. $1500 later they told me I had a kidney stone which has caused me some pain/nausea on and off since. The week after that I got a cold that literally messed with my head like I don’t know how I did anything. Also, Did you know that over the counter cold medicine can cause a gastritis flare? I literally remember nothing. Then I had my period while trying to finish up the cold. I had to stop taking the medicine to clear my head and get my life together. So Last week I was so exhausted with work and my body readjusting to chaos. My Mental state was honestly been a complete shit show and I couldn’t straighten out my mind to write multiple posts.

I have been trying to change my mindset and raise my vibes recently. I’ve been letting go of things that drain me or just don’t serve me and focusing on good thing. During my cold induces chaos I somehow cut 2 inches off my hair and it honestly helped. Thankfully I didn’t butcher it and it changed my whole vibe. I have been trying to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. Honestly, my physical and mental health go hand in hand so I  have been watching what I eat and staying away from garbage. Honestly, I have felt really  good recently and I wanted to keep that.

So I found Fit Girls Guide on Instagram in 2015 and decided to give it a try. I did the first couple of rounds and lost myself in it. I honestly enjoyed it and lost some weight. Then I just got tired and sick so I stopped doing it. I have tried to do a couple rounds and not finished them cause something happens. My energy and my vibe changed and I fell into some dark places where I couldn’t find something consist that worked for me. Don’t get me wrong the guide is wonderful and includs a lot of great tips, tricks, and everything. Also, the community is incredible. If you need a good group of positive women cheering you on then this is it.

I decided literally the other day that I wanted to get back into since I’ve changed my mindset and see how it work this go around.  So I decided I am going to document the full journey here. I may do a  couple post about it a week I’m not sure yet. We will see. I will do a  full review of the program at the end and all that jazz.

Anyways on to the challenge. I am doing the first one the 28 Day Jumpstart since that’s the beginners one. Plus I have the book for it already.  I’m gonna do some of the workouts but modify them to my liking. I am not going to do all the food they do week to week since I don’t care for some of it and my gastritis is picky these days. I don’t want to get a  flare-up and take myself out of the game.

So they do a round every month and they all have a different round name. This one is Act on Intuition which I think is appropriate since I have been trying to tune into mine lately. They do a photo challenge every month as a daily check-in. Since today is the first day it’s Before Photos.  So the picture I have included these which the top is actually from February of  2017 and the bottom is from last month. Since my weight has been steady and not gone 2  crazy this past month I decided not to take new ones.

I have lost a little over the last 2 years but not a lot. Mainly I have just toned up some. Which honestly I wasn’t even aware of. Now I just wanna tone up more. Ultimately I just want to stop being sick. I’m over it and can’t keep living this way.

So here we go, Send me good vibes and such.

If you are doing this round as well please let me know! Let’s cheer each other on for it.

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