Where Light glasses


I have been sorting through saved pictures on my phone for the past few weeks and came across these.

Let me give you a little background. My eyesight has been bad since 2nd grade. I broke one on my first pair by bending them cause they wouldn’t fit on my face right so I hide them in my pencil box until the teacher found them. Then I broke a pair in high school and tried to fix them with a glue gun. It kind of work but I also got a sweet scar on my knee from dropping the lens with hot glue on it. My eyes are just completely awful now.  It’s been a love-hate relationship.

I got contacts in 7th grade and those became my usual routine. I would take them out to sleep then put them back in when I had to get up for the day. That worked up until a  few years ago when my contacts started rebelling after long wear. Honestly, I don’t think my prescription is legit and need a new doctor.

My mom use to be the one to make sure I had glasses and contacts and such but since she died 10 years ago I’ve had to find cheaper ways. Especially since I got too old for my dad’s insurance and had to get my own. Which has been great through my current job. I can get glasses or contacts every year but have to pay for doctor visits since they don’t accept it. Another reason to find another doctor.

I am always trying to find good glasses since I stay home most of the time and rarely where contacts unless I have to leave the house. I came across this brand on a Facebook ad and gave them a google to find good reviews. Plus they had a sale that day so I decided to give them a try.


The glasses came heavily bubble wrapped and had all the information contained in the case.



The glasses in a bag and wrapped in cleaning cloth for extra protection. You also get the typical product information as well.

Then finally the glasses themselves in all their perfections. I got these since I liked the frame. They are mostly black but have little floral splashes of color on them.


I dig these glasses. They are super comfortable and fit my face perfectly. I got them with the Blue light lens since I work on a computer and I’m on my phone all damn day. They have helped reduce headaches from that. The lenses are super thick like some glass I have gotten from other fits. Seriously one of my last pairs lenses was so thick someone asked me if I could see heat with them.

I got these for around $30 with the blue lens and such. Which honestly is a  steal compare to some site out there. Especially if you go to a local place.

They are always having sales and clearance is full of wonderful frames. I’m planning on buying another part sometime soon. If you are interested as always there is a  link below.

Buy Glasses from Where Light.

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