October Ipsy Glam Bag


I’m starting subscription review week with Ipsy of course.


They sent it in a different bubble package this month. The message was the first thing I saw when I pulled it out of the mailbox and it something I needed to hear.


This one actually says Ipsy on it.


This month’s theme is Flaunt It and I dig it. Cause you should always flaunt it.


Here is a  list of everything in the bag.


They did a collaboration with Betty Boop. So, of course, that’s what the bag is. They feature an up-close shiny Betty face and the back is black sequins. Also, they added a B charm on the zipper. It’s rather cute.


Belief- The True Cream- Aqua Bomb. I have gotten this in several subscription bags this past year and I’m not even mad. This is my favorite moisturizer. It’s light and goes on with ease. It instantly soaks in and leaves you to face moisturized. It gives me a slight glow but may because I love it so much. This is the best and I will forever buy it again.

A  25ml is  $22.

Buy The True Cream- Aqua Bomb.


Crown Brush CB202 Pro Chisel Fluff & Precision Crease Brush. This was the product I got to pick for this month’s bag. I really like Crown brushes since I have gotten them in Ipsy bags before. This is an eyeshadow brush that actually pretty wonderful. The bristles on both sides are super soft but not where it’s uncomfortable to use. It’s actually super easy to use and holds the product. I dig this brush and have been using it to death.

This one is  $12.

Buy CB202 Shadow/Crease Duo Crown Brush.


Cannabliss Organic Gentle Foaming Cleanser. I was super excited about this one when I saw the bag preview. I’m into cannabis products these days, plus I love a good face wash. This one is lovely. I have used it a lot and after a scrub. It cleanses easily and leaves my skin cleans. Also, it gives me a little glow and has reduced a little of the redness I have. I like it and would buy it again.

A  120ml bottle is  $40.

Buy Cannabliss Foaming Face Cleanser.


Nomad Cosmetics Sydney Bathers Kiss of Sun Highlighter in  Balmoral Beach. I have tried several Nomad products from Ipsy bags and I dig them. They are always great quality and easy to use. This one is of course no different. It’s a creamy formula that applies and gives you instant shine. This one is a peachy gold that looks stunning on. I have been using it as a highlight and in my inner eye corner for that extra pop. I really love this an would buy it again.

This one is actually part of a  4 piece highlighter set that’s  $27.

Buy Nomad X Sydney Bathers Highlighter.


Betty Boop X Ipsy Blink and Wink Mascara. This is part of the current collection that  Ipsy has going on for Betty Boop. I lucked out getting the Mascara which I always appreciate. The spoolie isn’t bad and made for easy application. I was able to layer it up without clumping. It made my lashes a little longer and honestly, I liked it.

This one is currently sold out I couldn’t find that it was for sale. I did include the item page if you want to check it out.

Blink and Wink Mascara.

I was really quite pleased with this bag. I didn’t get anything I didn’t like which is always a win.

Anyone else get Ispy? Whatcha get? Tell me stuff.

If you want to sign up for Ispy I included the link to sign up below.

Sign up for Ipsy!




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