November Ipsy Glam Bag


Here we are at the end of November and I’m not sure how. I have lost the count of days and weeks. I actually just got this bag last week it came late for once. That may be because of the add ons I got. I decided not to review the add ons in this post since one is a palette and I need time to really play with it.


This month’s theme was Wild Side which is always something fun to explore. The back has dates for Ipsy’s Black Friday sale coming up this Friday so be sure to go check those out.


They went with leopard prints that fit the theme so well and I dig it.


Here is the list of what you get in the bag.


 MAC Cleanse Off Oil. I adore the brand but am hadn’t tried any of their makeup removers. So I was excited to try to give this a try. This is easy to use. I tried it with just my hands and on a cotton round. It will remove some pretty heavy makeup. It is super greasy which it should be since its oil. I have been washing it off or using another tonic afterward. I like it and it works but it’s not something I’m into so I wouldn’t buy it again.

A 5 oz bottle is $35.

Buy Cleanse Off Oil.



Dome Beauty Cheek Envy pressed power Blush in English Rose. This is a brand I’ve not heard of so I was excited to give it a try. This is a blush that goes on with ease. I have been able to use it darker as almost a contour and as just a little cheek color. I like it and would buy it again. I will have to check out the brand.

This blush sells for $28 and comes in 6 shades.

Buy Cheek Envy Blush.


It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream. I like this brand and have tried several things from these bags. I will always take a moisturizer. I have been using this one in the morning mostly but have switched it up to the night a few days. I don’t have to use a bunch to get the full effect. I haven’t had any issues. It leaves my face hydrated and not insanely greasy. I like it and would buy it again.

This one comes in  2 sizes a 2oz for $48 and a 0.5 oz for $16.

Buy Confidence in A Cream.


Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Mineral Bronze. So I really like this brand and have never gotten anything bad from them in these bags. This one is an eyeshadow duo which I thought was a Bronzer cause of the color name. I have used it as both and it actually works as a bronzer for the lighter shade. It does work better as an eyeshadow, it goes on smooth and creamy. I dig it and would buy it again. I actually need to invest more in this brand.

These are $8 and come in several different shades duos.

Buy Mesmerizing Mineral Duo

Color Club Nail Polish in Catwalk. I love getting polishes in these bags cause it’s just fun to try. This one goes on pretty thick in the 1st coat but I did 2 just to make sure I had a complete coat. This shade is a classic red. It does pretty well with little chipping unless you break your nails a lot. I dig it and would buy it again.

This one ranges between $6.95 and $8. It comes in a ton of different shades.

Buy Catwalk polish.

I was really pleased with the bag. They have not been awful this year like they have been in the past. The reviews you do on the website actually work so make sure you do them.

If you don’t get  Ipsy they are currently $12 a month or you can sign up for a  year.

Sign up for Ipsy.










































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