November Sephora Play Box


Let’s finish up this month with the play box. This month was better than the last month. However, I’m still gonna talk about the issue I have with it. Also, this review took longer cause I had to redo the pictures since I lost the originals. Also, work as sucked up most of my time. I’m just exhausted.


This month’s theme stays in and play. Instead of giving you tips it gives your puzzle which I’m into. Also, this month didn’t include a playing card for points or anything.


This month plastic bag is purple which I like that they are switching up these colors.


So this is the preview I got if my Playbox. I did get the Nars lipstick and the mascara but the other 4 not even close. However, I’m happy with what I got so it’s ok this time around. Actually, when I loaded the page to get the link for this post and it’s been updated with what I actually got. I don’t get it


 Peace out Acne Healing Dots. So I have seen these but not really wanted to try them. Honestly, it seemed like a scam. So how this work is you get these little sticky round patches like in the picture. You take on a put it on top of a blemish then go to sleep. The next morning you wake up and you can see it’s like sucks the zip out of your face. It’s actually pretty amazing. I dig these and would buy them again.

You can get 20 dots for $19 and 40 for $32.

Buy Peace Out Acne Healing Dots.


 Skinfix Redness Recovery. This is another brand I’ve not tried. I have had a lot of redness on my face lately with the winter season so I was excited to try this. I have been putting it on at night and sleeping it. In the morning when I wash it off my face is soft and glowing. A lot of my redness is gone as well so it a big plus. I dig it and would buy it again.

This one is $50 for 1.5oz, which is a little much but honestly, it works.

Buy Redness Recovery.


Living Proof Full Thickening Cream. I really like this brand and have tried a lot of then over the years. I have used this one twice. I have washed my hair the put it dime size amount halfway down my hair and let it dry. I have blow dryer it as well and liked it better. This stuff does what it says and makes your hair thicker. I mean big time. It’s nice if that’s what you want but I don’t need it. So I won’t be buying it again.

You can get a 2oz mini for $16 and a Stanard 3.7oz for $28.

Buy Full Thickening Cream.


Clinique High Impact Mascara. I love this brand and have never not liked something I got from them. Plus I am all for a good mascara. This one is simple to use and doesn’t clump even after using a couple coats. It made my lashes longer and I like it. I would buy it again.

This one comes in 2 shades for $19.50.

Buy High Impact Mascara.


 Nars lipstick in Toledo. I love Nars Lipstick, well I love lipstick in general. Nars has never disappointed me. Even time I get one I fall I love with it. This one is no different. It’s creamy and goes on like butter. The shade is this dusty pink that works as the perfect nude one me. I love it and would totally buy it again in every color.

This one comes in 23 satin finish shades which is what this one is and 12 matte shades. A Tube is $26.

Buy Nars Lipstick.


Replica Whispers in the Library. This is one I haven’t gotten yet and I always appreciate a new sample scent. This one is lovely. It’s really warm and actually reminds me of a library. It’s got this rich vintage floral scent which a touch of some kinda liquor. I like it but I don’t know if it would buy it again.

This comes in  2 sizes a mini 0.34 size for $28. and a full 3.4oz size for $126.

Buy Whispers in The Library.

I really did like this box and it was an improvement from last month. So I am going to go ahead and keep it going for next month.

Anyone else gets Play? If so what did you get?

If you want to sign up for play it’s around $10 a month. Link below.

Sign up for Play! by Sephora

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