Social Butterfly Palette


So I got this palette for Christmas last year. I have used it to death and lost it and found it then repeat. Also, I never reviewed it and it’s so damn good it deserves a review.

This is the Social Butterfly Palette and my 1st Morphe Palette. I say that meaning one that wasn’t a collaboration or anything.


I really dig the red packaging for some reason it works and it just pleasing.


On the back, you get the color list and some info about the palette itself.


The palette itself is this lovely matte black.


On the inside, you get a full mirror and then these perfect 15 shades laid out.

Next, I’m going to break the shade down. Remember they may look different on me since I’m so pale.

#NowTrending- shimmery cream

#Latergram- creamsicle orange matte

#AD- medium tan matte

#Bae- Hot pink shimmer with blue and purple undertones.

#Makeover- Burgendy Matte

#Instafamous-Rose Gold Shimmer

#ForTheGram- Deep Royal Purple with a slight shimmer

#SideHustle-Burgendy Shimmer

#Besties-Hot neon Pink matte

#Influencer- Neon purple matte

#Memories– Deep forest green matte

#SquadGoals- A greenish, blue, brown shimmer with hints of gold

#FameGame- Violet Shimmer

#BestNightEver- brownish-grey shimmer with fine silver glitter

#OffCamera- black matte.

Like I said at the beginning I have used this palette to death. I have literally used it more than anything else since I got it. It just so easy to grab and create a look.

Here are some of the ones that I have done with it.

I like to use it for darker looks which it works perfectly for. Also if you can’t tell I am obsessed with the pink shades in it.

I really love this and would buy a Morphe palette again of course. Especially since this is my 3rd if you count the Jaclyn Hill and the James Charles ones that I have already reviewed.

Do you all have a favorite morphe palette let me know?

If you want to grab this one it’s only $16 and as always the link is below.

Buy the Social Butterfly palette

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