June 19 Slam Crate


I know this post is super delayed. Honestly, I forgot I hadn’t reviewed it. I was all over the place last year and I’m finally at a stable point so I’m purging my saved photos for posts.

This is the June WWE Slam Crate which didn’t come until like August. These crates have been about as delayed as me honestly.


They used a normal box just slapped a sticker on it.

thumbnail_IMG_2512The theme was NXT, which is you don’t watch wrestling is WWE’s developmental, which most consider the minor leagues. Honestly, it’s better than the main roster most the time. Here is the card with wants in the box.


The back has this mini-poster of Ember Moon whose isn’t even in NXT anyone she went to the main roster maybe a year before. So they could have picked someone actually still there.


Kairi Sane windshield sun cover. This is literally the most random thing I’ve seen in one of these boxes. I like the idea but who is really going to use it. I really like Kairi she is a great wrestler and wonderful watching in the ring. Honestly, I may put this in my car cause I have it, but I doubt I will use it. Also, Kairi is on the main roster aswell and has been most of the year.


Tommaso Ciampa Bust. This one is appropriate. He is the Blackheart of NXT and has been for a while. This bust is actually better than the figures they use to put in the boxes. I dig it.


The pin is, of course, the NXT title, which is perfect for this box. Also, the NXT women’s title would have worked as well.


Finally, we have a shirt which is of Ember Moon, while I dig the shirt. It’s super comfy. I would have liked someone who is actually in NXT and they could have gone with a lot of different people.

I do like this crate but like I have stated they could have gone with current NXT and most of it is the main roster people. I am assuming the idea was made a while back which is why.

If you want to sign up for this one or any Loot Crate. There is a  link below,

Sign up for Loot Crate,

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