October 19 Slam Crate


So I just got this one like last week. This is what reminded me that I haven’t reviewed a Slam Crate in forever. I am assuming this is from October since they come ever 2 months and I did the math. Also, the fact that the 20th Anniversary of SmackDown was October 4th, 2019.


The box it came in is SmackDown blue and has the logo on it.


This is a Jersey material SmackDown Live 20th Anniversary scarf. Honestly, I will probably wear it at random or keep it in my car just in case I need it. The material isn’t that of a typical scarf so I may hang it up somewhere. They could have done a different design for it, but I get this one.


The Rock Bust. Again these busts are perfection. This one of The Rock is exactly what they needed to put in this box. Since he is the reason the show got its name and was a staple of it from the beginning. You get him holding up the old WWE Title and this is The SmackDown Rock. This one is also sitting on my desk.


Daniel Bryan’s eco-friendly WWE Heavyweight Championship. It was made of wood and hemp. This pin is great and actually looks like it. Since it has been the main SmackDown title for what seems like forever and Daniel himself has been on there for years. This is appropriate and I like it.

Finally, this shirt personifies SmackDown it has The Undertaker, John Cena, Edge, and The Rock who have always been at home on SmackDown. Then you have AJ Style since SmackDown Live is the house he built and finally, Becky Lynch who was the first-ever Women’s Champion if the brand. I really dig this shirt and I like the designs they have been going with recently.

I really like this box. It’s really perfect to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of SmackDown!

If you want to sign up for this one or any Loot Crate. There is a  link below,

Sign up for Loot Crate

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