Tarteist Contour Palette III


I am still purging my photos of things I haven’t reviewed. This one I purchased around May and have used it to death since then. I love the Tarte brand so of course, I have to try whatever I can get my hands on.


This is the Tarteist Volume III contour palette. The box is this deep purple that most Tarte products come in.


When you open the box it has this contour guide to show you how you can use the palette or you can use it however you seem fit.


The palette itself is a big circle with this rose gold almost patted top.


When you open it you get this range of products. 1 Blush, 2 bronzers, 1 contour, and 2 highlights. I’m gonna break them all down and show you how I use them.

dsbhcbjshbLeft- This is just my face with foundation, concealer, and setting powder before the contour.

Middle- I’ve got all my contour on. I do my cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead, Also a little under my bottom lip. You can see my face is slightly slimmer. I mainly use the  2 bronzers and a dab of the contour since I’m so Pale I don’t want to  overdo it,

Right- Is the final look with the blush and highlight in the palette.

I really love this palette and have used it down to the pans. The product is easy to use and blend with the other products I use. Also, it smells amazing, I really love it and would buy it again.

Right now this  Palette is $30 and  Tarte is having a 20% off sale.

Buy Tarteist Contour Palette III

I used AfterPay for this purchase which is wonderful for people who want makeup but don’t want to blow the money upfront or put it on a  credit card. You just pay  4 payments over a month’s time without interest.

What’s your current contour palette?

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