Nomad X Berlin Underground Palette


So I got this palette as an Ipsy add on a couple months ago. Every month I scroll through their add ons and do some research on what they have. I’m a big fan of this brand and have gotten several things from Ipsy bag. I had never tried anything else from them and this was $12 so I snatched it up.

So first let me explain how the add ons work. Every month for maybe the past year Ipsy has been offering to add ons. You can choose products for either $3, $5, $12 or more. You get charged for them when you do your Ipsy bag. They are usually for a good price so I suggest doing it.

This is the Nomad X Berlin Underground palette. Which was inspired but the Berlin culture and the wall.


The packaging you get the graffiti look which I think works perfectly for it.


The back you get the shades that are in the palette and the description of the palettes.


The palette itself keeps the same design which I always appreciate. Plus it has a full-size mirror which honestly every palette should have.


Look how gorgeous these are. I almost didn’t want to use them since they had these stunning mohawked punk-looking skulls. Now let’s break down these shades.


Remember that the shades may appear different on my skin since I’m super pale.

Kreuzberg- Pearlescent with gold and blue glitter

SO36– Copper Shimmer

The Wall- Brownish Grey Shimmer

East Side Gallery- Bluish Grey Shimmer

Tekkno– Dark Brown Shimmer with Grey tones.

NDW- Money Green Matte

Helden- Yellow Gold Shimmer

Poor But Sexy- Yellow Orange Shimmer

Tacheles– Red Matte

Loveparade– Deep Purple Maroon Shimmer

Deutschpunk– Gold Shimmer

Chaostage- Dark Gold Shimmer

OranienstraBe– Reddish Brown Matte

Hansa- Bronze Shimmer

Klubnacht- Black Matte

These shades are creamy and go on with ease. They are also very blendable and buildable.

Here are a couple of the looks I made. I feel like they are all the same thing since the colors are so similar in the same array of shades.

I really love this palette and have used it to death I’m almost at the pans. I am going to be investing more in the brand it’s self.

I got this one on sale with Ipsy for $12 but you can get it from the brand for $37. I have included the link below.

Buy the Nomad X Berlin Underground Palette.

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