Loving Vincent


So I came across this movie on Hulu and just by the name I was hoping it was about Vincent Van Gogh. I’m a huge fan of the artist and have dedicated time to studying him over the years and for most of my time studying art in college. His brilliant brush strokes and the way he used colors always got me.

The entire movie is a weird combination of live-action that’s animated to look like his paintings. It really makes the movie so intriguing to watch like he is painting it all out in front of you. It’s brilliantly done.

The film is about the aftermath of Vincent’s death. It follows one man’s journey to get the last letter he wrote to his brother Theo. During his journey, you will hear stories and see a flashback of Vincent’s life through other people’s eyes. Everyone has a theory about Vincent and how he died which makes for an interesting story.

I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it if you are a fan of the artist or just art in general. The way the movie is done is just beautiful.

Rating: 9/10 only cause the story is a little strange at points.

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