Pro Wrestling Crate

Oh Hello there eh.

So If you read or follow this blog then you know that I am a  big wrestling fan. In being such I love the crate and various wrestling merch. So I have been following this box for a while since it’s part of Pro Wrestling Tees who if you are a Wrestling fan need to check out. They do this monthly crate that has a theme. The Theme for January was Canada and I love Canadian  Wrestling. Honestly, the only reason I got this box is cause it said it features Owen Hart who is my all-time favorite.


I dig the box itself cause


They include this card in the box. The top side includes a  spoiler alert which is  appreciated if you don’t want to know what’s in it the moment you open it


The back of the card is a list of everything that is in the box.


This is a  DVD if Canada’s Finest which is a countdown of the top 10 best wrestlers in  Canada. While I liked the list I would have preferred matches instead of the countdown but I get why they didn’t since it’s harder to get approval for those. All in all, it was very well put together. Plus Owen Hart came in at number 5 which I was very pleased with.


This is a short comic book that was made specifically for this crate. It was written by Christian based on a tale from the road where they drove over a  frozen lake in Canada.  If you ever listen to the E and C  pod then you have heard the full actual story. I really enjoyed this one.


Autographed 8×10 of Tyson Kidd. They always include one in the boxes from what I can tell.  I am really glad they picked Tyson for this one he is a great wrestler.


Enamel Pin of Kevin Steen aka Kevin Owens. I think this pin is perfect I love the black and white set up with just Steen craved into the forehead and the red blood for the pop of color.


Pro Wrestling Tees has a whole line of Microbrawlers this is one of Bret Hart.  These are hard rubber figures. It’s really well made and detailed. I really love it and he happily sits on my desk now.

Each crate includes 2 shirts to go with the theme.


The first one is Kenny Omega. This is him in Dragon Ball Z form. I don’t know the exact person since I don’t watch it but I do dig the shirt and it is appropriate for Kenny.


The second one is Edge which this one is perfect and actually good timing since he just came back at the Royal Rumble. I also like the set up for this shirt for the Rated R Superstar.

Both of these shirts are super soft and comfy. I really like both of them

I really liked this box. It’s got a little bit of everything in and it’s not strictly one company which is fun. I will have to keep an eye out and get another one some time. This box you can do month to month or do a bundle deal. I only signed up for 1 month then canceled it.

They do have a limited amount of crates per month so once the theme is announced and it’s something you dig that’s when to get it. Right now they have about 20 crates left and it’s only 10 days into the month. They also have some other crates if you don’t want to go into fully. Check out the link below for all the price options they have.

Sign up for Pro Wrestling Crate.

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