December 19 Slam Crate


Here is the December Slam Crate which didn’t come till about the end of January hence while I’m reviewing it now.

This month’s theme is Royal Rumble, you know since the Rumble was only a  couple weeks ago it worked out.


Royal Rumble Sticker Set. These are stickers of the Royal Rumble Logo. We have the current one, then one from the 90’s then finally one that was used in the 2000s. I like stickers so I’m sure I will find something to do with them.


AJ Styles Shaker Bottle. Honestly, I have needed a good shaker bottle for a while so this works for me. It’s a thick plastic bottle with an easy snap lid. I always have issues with the lid staying closed. The metal wire ball in it is more oval than round so I have switched it out with another one I have. I really like the bottle and have been using it for my protein shakes.


Sasha Banks Figures. In one of the first crate, we also got a Sasha figure only with her purple hair. It literally looks exactly the same right down to the pose. Just that now she has blue hair and a different color ring gear. The other one is still in the box I never did anything with it.


Becky Lynch Pin. This is the second time we have gotten a superstar pin like these in these boxes. I like the design and the pin since I’m big on the man.  I do prefer the title pins though.


John Cena T-Shirt. The front has Cena doing the salute and says The Champ which is something he was called most of his wrestling career. The back has this little Hustle Loyalty Respect logo at the neck of it.  Literally, John Cena didn’t wrestle on a single WWE PPV last year.  I know he is the greatest and all but they could have done a shirt for someone still active. The shirt is soft and comfy and I always liked Cena so I will wear it.

Right now they are having Valentine’s Day Sale where you can get 30% off is you sign up for more than 2 months.

If you don’t use the code the normal month to month price is around $35. If you want to sign up I have included a link below.

Sign up for Slam Crate.

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