Finding myself in Art.


So I know I said I was going to put aside a time to work on this blog more. I am going to but I got caught up. Since the beginning of the year, I have been doing random art. I found a bunch of tiny canvas at the Dollar Tree and have just been creating pieces at random. Last Friday I got caught up after work on the self-portrait above.

I have been consumed with it since I got the idea. I had a  piece of plexiglass leftover from college. Yes, I graduated in 2012 and had this since then. When you are a struggling art student who is trying to pay bills and rent you don’t really have a lot of money to blow on fancy art supplies so you do with what you can find.  Even when I was finishing up right before graduation I snatched up some canvas and art supplies my friend left behind when he moved away. That’s just the art major way honestly you take want you can get. I use to do paintings on cardboard and random pieces of wood I would come across. If I was an Art Major now with the mini canvas and the local Ollie’s has them of all sizes for under $15, it would have been a  game-changer for me.

So like I said I graduated in 2012 at that point I was burnt out on creating constant art work to the point I just didn’t want to anymore. Which honestly may have been a waste of my Bachelor’s degree and a lot of student loans. I have done a couple things here and there over the years but nothing like this.  I have used all the canvas I bought and started working on glass-like pieces or picture frames. I did a couple pieces in college on plexiglass and loved them cause it’s a different material but I never fully indulged in it.

This one is super thick plexiglass that I traced the image of both the selfies I took. I was going to use the bottom one for something completely different and this happened. I like the glass cause I can work on the back and do additions to the front as well. One thing they make you do in as an art major is a self-portrait at least once. I have tried several times and they never look like me or make me happy. This one I am in love with and I’m going to hang up and be vain about. It took me 20 years of doing art to finally do it and I’m going to keep it close.

I will be adding an Art page to my website so I can display what I have done. I might as well put it all out there and hopefully, I will keep producing art.

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