Feb 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag

Hello and welcome to the end of February. Why is it moving by so fast? I feel like I just got this bag honestly which may be why I have been dragging my feet to review it.

Here is the February Ispy Glam Bag. 


This month’s theme is Feel the Love cause it’s Valentine’s and should you be in love and shit. So feel the love will ya?


Here is the list of all the things in the bag.


This pink velvet bag is something romantically and I’m into it. 


Avette Water Flash Coconut Water Cream. This is a  brand I’ve not heard of but I always appreciate a good moisturizer. I only have to use a dime-size amount to cover my entire face. It goes on with ease and it instantly starts soaking in. It doesn’t leave me greasy or my face feeling weight down. My face does feel a little dry after a  while but not to bad. I like this one but I don’t think I would buy it again. 

A Tube of this is $24. I could only find it on this weird website when I googled it. 

Buy Avette Water Flash Coconut Cream


Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner in Black. I love Tarte. I have tried the normal version of this meaning the nonliquid. Which I thought this was and was pleasantly surprised. This has a good tip on it so that you can do the perfect cat eye with little issues.  I don’t have any issues with smudging or wearing off. I like it and would buy it again.

This is $20.

 Buy Tarte Sex Kitten liner


Kvossnyc Fairy Dust Pressed Highlighter in Moonlight. This is another brand that I’ve not heard of and I love highlighter so I was excited. This one is great. It’s creamy and easy to blend. I have been using it for my brow bone and normal highlight. This shade is a pearly pink and I really dig it. I’m going to have to look into this brand more.

This one is $28 and apparently made with Evening Primrose oil + Artichoke Leaf extract.

Buy Kvoss NYC Fairy Dust Pressed Highlighter.

hbjhbhbTheBalm Cosmetics Petal to the Metal in Shift into Overdrive, Turbo. I am big on TheBalm, I get stuff in these bags all the time and I’m never disappointed. This is an eyeshadow which is this creamy almost gel shadow. It goes on with ease and is super buildable. I had to use a few coats to get it to where I wanted it. Also, I was able to mix it with another shadow to get the look I wanted. I loved it and would buy it again.

I could only find this one in  a palette of  8 shades for $29.50

Buy TheBalm Petal to the Metal Palette.


Coloured Raine Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in 24Seven. Oh look another brand I’ve not heard of and y’all know I love lipstick. The shade is this dark dusty pink that works well with my skin tone. This is a liquid lipstick that goes on really well. It does leave my lips to feel kinda strange and kind of clumps a little. I have used it alone or with a  lipbalm and it’s the same effect. It’s not awful I just don’t care for it so I won’t be buying it again.

This one is $11.90.

Buy Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick.

I really liked this bag all the products I got in it aren’t bad and I found a couple that I really like. Who else got this month’s bag? What did you get?

If you don’t get one they are $12 a month and as always there is a  link below. 

Sign up for Ipsy!

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