Breakfast buns


Am I a food blog now?! Nah….. I’m an everything blog at this point. So while scrolling Instagram yesterday I saw this post from Taste Made about breakfast buns and I ran with it.

I made strawberry cream cheese breakfast buns and here is the rundown of how to make them and how it went.

Prep time is under 10 mins. I did wash my hands a lot since I got the stuff everywhere while putting them together.

First thing first you need ingredients

  • 2 cans of crescent rolls
  • 1 pack of cream cheese
  • A jar of preserves of your choice. I went with strawberry.

At this point go ahead and turn on the oven so you can get it preheated to 375 while you put it together.

First, lay out one of the cans of crescent rolls, then top with half the cream cheese. I melted mine a little so it was easier to spread. Then top that with a layer of the preserves.

Next do it again with the other can of crescents rolls, the rest for the cream cheese and then another layer of preserves. Honestly, you don’t even need to second layer. I only did it cause that’s what the videos said to do.


Then you roll it all up. Mine was a mess and fell apart. Hence why I said one layer should be ok and easier.

After you have it rolled cut them in the pieces. It continued to fall apart on me.

Then put them in a cupcake pan. Make sure you spray it with your choice of cooking spray.

Since the oven is already preheated to 375 bake these for 20-25 mins. I went with 20.

The timer goes off and you pull out this delicious looking disaster. They don’t look pretty but they smell incredible. I let them cool for about 10 mins cause I didn’t want them to fall apart completely.

They fell apart anyways but they still look amazing. Also, they taste incredible. The crescent rolls are just a little doughy cause of the cream cheese that is perfectly melted and creamy in there. The strawberry preserves have turned into this delicious glaze. The outside of them is golden and a little crispy. These are really a must.

If you want something simple to make on a Weekend morning this is the way to go.

I really enjoyed doing this so you may see more recipes and whatnot.

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