I just wanna be the Pink Ranger.

Hello and Welcome to another Story.

I was maybe 5 in the picture above and obsessed with Power Rangers if you can’t tell from the sweet jumper I’m wearing that my Aunt made me. Also, I had this Pink Ranger plush that I probably got that day since it was Christmas. I honestly don’t remember I have blocked out most of my childhood. I only remember random things nowadays. One thing I do remember is I loved The Power Rangers, the original ones. Me and my 3 boys cousins that I grew up with all did. There is a picture somewhere of all of us, one with the White Ranger Saba Sword, another with the Red Ranger gloves, then the other is wearing a bow tie and a sweater vest, which has nothing to do with this. I just think it’s funny.

I just remember it making me happy. As strange as it sounds you can forget everything and still remember how something made you feel.

So I have been in a strange place lately. I’m 31 and I’m trying to refind myself. That’s what happens though after you got through something traumatic right??

So I started rewatching the show from the beginning since it’s all on Netflix. It still makes me blissfully happy. Some of it’s not even that good but it cringy nostalgia good. I love it.

Since I have moved back into my childhood home I have found some random toys I had here and there and also this.

The Pink Ranger costume my aunt made me when I was little that I wore till I just grew out of. There is a candy bag to go with it. I found them stashed with quilts and other random things in a cedar chest. Leave it to my mom to stash it somewhere for safekeeping until I needed to find it. It brought back that happy warm feeling that I needed at the time.

A couple weeks ok I was randomly searching things on eBay. Which is really a dangerous game to play.


It was worth it. This is exactly like the one in the first picture. While I don’t know what happened to my original one and I can’t ask my mother what she did with it without some magical witch things. Actually, I’m sure it’s in the basement with the rest of the things that have gotten pushed to the side. This one is absolutely perfect and I needed it. It’s a happy warmth and it helps when your brain is fuzzy and dark. She now stays in or next to the bed as a comfort object to have close by.

Seriously look at the pure joy on my face when I got the Pink Ranger in this random Instagram generator. I actually want to paint this one and other random Power Ranger things. Honestly, you may see more posts like this while I work through some shit cause I can’t like things in a chill way. Also at the end of the day, it’s better to put these things into the universe and see what happens.

While writing this did make me wonder what’s something that makes you happy? It can be something completely random or something you just have held on to for a while? Tell me things!

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