Pat McGrath Labs Eye Ecstasy: Eye Shadow Palette Mini


Welcome to my 400th post!!!!

I’m still working on clearing out my drafts folder. This is one of those that I have had for months and just not reviewed.

So for about the past year or 2, I have seen and lusted over Pat McGrath Labs. If you don’t know who they are. Go ahead and go stalk their owner’s Instagram @patmcgrathreal for a couple minutes. Go! check it out. I will wait.

Did you see it? OMG, this brand makes products that shine, shimmer, and appear to go on like butter. I’m obsessed. When I first found them I instantly wanted everything. That was until I saw the price. Their full palette retail for around $100. I just couldn’t justify blowing the money on a product that simply looks amazing. I’ve been burned before.

A couple months ago I was on Sephora’s app and came across this when it was the Rogue exclusive get it before it’s released flash sale. It’s was under $30 so I snatched one up. Now let’s talk about it.


The palette comes in this gold metallic plastic bag that is filled with gold sequins. Honestly, it just adds that little extra to the whole packaging and I love it.  The simple typewriter label with the name on the front is perfect for the brand. The back you get the full info on the palette it’self.

werwerwerw465346The palette it’self is this frosted clear plastic so you can see the shades. The simple logo on the front which works for this brand. Then the back you get the layout and the shade names. I still really like the simple typewriter font they use for all of their stuff. It’s not to much overkill and just reads really well, literally.


Here are the shades in the palette. Next, I’m going to break down the swatches. Remember these are on my super pale arm so they will read differently on me than they may on you.


I swapped these straight across and not in order on the back of the palette. Which is why I have numbered them out of order.

1. Lapis Luxury- dark blue packed with bright blue and silver glitter.

4. Blue Blood– maroon shimmer with some bronze undertones

2. Gold Standard– Gold powder packed with even more gold glitter.

5. Synthetics- deep purple packed with lavender and pink glitter.

3. Crimson Fire– Crimson red shimmer with gold undertones.

These live up to how they appear online. They are super creamy and do go on like butter. They are blendable and buildable. Plus the amount of shiny is intense and insane beautifully. It doesn’t smudge and can be worn all day I am obsessed with this palette and have found myself using it every time I see it.

Here are 2 make up looks that I created with this palette.


Honestly, this brand holds up and I would totally blow the $100 on one of their palettes since the quality is so amazing.

This one is $28, which is a steal if you want to try the brand and not blow the $100 plus on one.  There are 2 options for this mini, this one is the Subversive and the other is Sublime.

Buy The Eye Ecstasy: Eye Shadow Palette Mini

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