Ipsy March 2020


Here we are on what seems like the 80th day of March and the 40th of Quartine. I hope everyone is safe.

I’m finishing the month with my subscription reviews and starting with Ipsy!


This month’s theme is Celebrate You since this is Ispy’s 100th bag. They have been having giveaways. I have missed them all cause I haven’t been paying attention.


Here is a list of everything in the bag.


This month’s bag is this simple blue with the little studs. The back says it’s the 100th glam bag. I would have thought they would have don’t something else to fit the 100 themes like a 100% or a $100 bill on the bag would have been cute. There aren’t 100 studs either I checked. Regardless I like this bag.


Curology Cleanser. This is the first time I have tried this brand so I was excited to give it a  try.  This is a gel-like a cleanser that goes on smooth but it doesn’t lather up which is a downside. It does leave my skin feeling cleanses and soft. I do like it but I don’t know if I would buy it again.

So this is a strange product. This one can only be purchase via subscription. However, you can get a  trial for $5. The Curology set bills $59.90 per shipment every 60 days after your trial ends. This set includes large bottles of our cleanser, custom bottle, and moisturizer. It works out to $29.95 per month.

Buy Curology.


Caolion Blackhead o2 Bubble Pore Pack. This is another brand I’ve not tired and it just sounded fun. This one I really dig. You put a layer of it on, then wait for 1 to 2 mins in which time it starts to bubble up. Then you massage it in and wash it away.  It’s simple and leaves my skin feeling soft with a little glow. I love it and would buy it again.

I can’t find this one anywhere that doesn’t seem sketchy, They have some similar on amazon for about $15. If anyone finds it let me know and I will update.


Girlacktik Precise Marker Liner. I haven’t tried this brand either, but I was surprised I got another liquid eyeliner for the 2nd months in a row. This one is simple, goes on with ease, and does smudge over time. The applicator is great by not being to sniff or too flimsy. I like this one and would buy it again.

This one is $20.

Buy Girlactik Precise Marker Liner.


Complex Culture Precision Eyelid Brush. I don’t think I have ever tried one of there brushes. This is super soft and easy to use. I have used it to do my eye crease and pack pigment on my lid. I like it and would buy more of their brushes.

This Brush is $18.

Buy a Complex Culture Precision Eyelid Brush.


Shaina B Miami Highlight in Guava Glow. Another brand that I haven’t tried. This one is a lovely warm golden pink. The shade actually doubles as a light blush. It’s creamy, easy to apply, and super buildable. I really like it and will have to check more into the brand.

This one is actually in a blush and highlighter palette that goes for $29

Buy The Miami Blush and Highlight palette from Shaina B.

Wander Beauty Trip to Costa Rei Bronzer in Costa Rei. This is the only product in the bag from a brand that I have actually tried. I always appreciate a good bronzer especially when it’s in my shade. It’s light and buildable. I have been using it as a contour. I like it and would buy it again.

This one is part of a  Trip for Two Blush and Bronzer Duo. They have 2 different shade sets. It goes for $36.

Buy the Trip for Two Blush and Bronzer from Wander Beauty.

I’m really happy with this bag. I got products that I hadn’t tried before from brands I’ve never really heard of. I’m overall pleased with this bag and have a lot of hope for the next month.

What did you all get? Where you happy with your bag?

If you want to sign up Ipsy it’s $12 a month and as always there’s a link below.

Sign up for Ipsy!

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