Pretty Revenge Book Review


Here is another book review. This one actually took me forever to listen to cause I have just been busy with work. I kept forgetting about it or have just not been mentally prepared to actually listen to it.

This book was published on July 2, 2019, by Emily Liebert. I decided to listen to this one cause I liked the cover. It draws you in.

This book is about the lengths a woman will go to to get revenge. She changes her whole life and Persona for this mission. Throughout the book, you will hear from 2 people, Olivia and Jordanna. It’s a back and forth of both their history and present days. Honestly, I found myself siding with both the girls through the book. You don’t discover exactly why the one is seeking acts of revenge until the end of the book.

I’m not going to tell you which one is seeking revenge. I don’t want to spoiler anything. I really enjoyed this book.

If you want to give it a read I found it on Amazon for $15.

Buy Pretty Revenge on Amazon

I listened to it on Scrib which is $8.99 a month and it’s always on a few other audiobook apps.

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