Too Faced Sex on the Peach set

Oh hello,

I’ve been busy with work and recovering from a cold so I haven’t been able to really focus or write a word that isn’t work-related.

We are slammed with the coronavirus panic and trying to ramp up to handle it.

This is a lip set that I grabbed a couple of months back and forgot about. I’m a fan of Too Faced and have tried some of the Peach products which is why I grabbed this one when I found it on sale.


This is a  2 piece set that includes Lipstick and a Peach Lip Balm from their Peach collection.

thumbnail_IMG_7668The Shade is called Sex on the Peach. It’s a dusty pink with brown tones which is a nude lipstick on me. It’s dark enough that you can tell I’m wearing lipstick. This one is so creamy that it goes on like melted butter. Once you start putting it on you can smell the peaches.  I really like the shade and have found myself wearing it with simpler everyday looks. The lipstick overall is great and doesn’t dry out my lips after a while and it leaves them softer over time.


This is a light lip balm that goes on easy and leaves your lips soft. After about 30 mins I have to reapply. It does dry my lips out but only in a way where I just want to apply more. It smells strongly of peach. I dig it and have been keeping it on my desk to use. I don’t know if I would buy it again separately though since there are other lip balms out there I prefer more than this one.

I really like the set as a whole. I have been using it together with the balm to prep my lips before applying the lipstick.

I wasn’t able to find this set available anymore online so I include the individual prices and links for each item off the brand’s site.

The lipstick is $21 and comes in 21 different shades.

Buy Peach Kiss Lipstick.

This lip balm is $18

Buy Peaches & Cream Lip Balm

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