Ipsy April 2020


I know I have been MIA recently, mainly cause I’ve been sick out of my mind. Literally, I thought I was dying it was so bad. My head is clear now but I’m still playing catch up. Also, I have been slammed with work and I’m just mentally drained.

Anyways moving on to the review, I actually got both my subscription super late due to shipping delay with the world today.  So I got them last week really and haven’t felt like actually doing my makeup since I’ve been self quarantined more than usual and just didn’t feel like it. I made myself today so I could get this review out completely.


This month’s time is Full Bloom, cause April is when flowers bloom and such.

img_0934Here is a  list of what’s in this month’s bag.

img_0932This month’s bag is this cute pink and what appears to be flowers or pixies. I’m not really sure but I like it I like the wooden ring on the zipper too.


Helio Nail Polish in Livin’ Lovely. This is a polish I’ve never heard of but I love nail polish so I was excited. This shade is a light dusty pink that’s really on the pastel side. It’s a good color for easter so it worked for this month. I can use 2 coats of this to get full coverage. This polish is actually pretty great. There isn’t a lot of chipping even after doing dishes it held up more than some other polishes. I like it and would buy it again.

This one is $12.50 a bottle.

Buy Helio polish.


Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich. This was the product I got to pick. I’ve tried the brand before but never a moisturizer so I jumped on this quick. This a thick moisturizer that is really creamy. I have to use a couple swipes to cover my whole face. I have used it in the morning and at night. It leaves my face hydrated and gives me a slight glow. Also, it doesn’t leave my face overly greasy. I dig it and would buy it again.

A 1.7 oz Jar of this is $35.

Buy Glossier Priming Moisturizer.


Sugar Cosmetics Wingman Waterproof Eyeliner in I’ll be Black. I have tried this brand before but this is the first liquid liner. The tip of it isn’t too flimsy which I like in a liner. However, it didn’t really want to go on over my eyeshadow so I found myself having to wet it a little to get it to work how I wanted. This would be a good liner is you just wear liner which is a look I’ve not mastered yet. I wouldn’t buy it again due to this.

This one is $15.99 but it has a  different name on the brand site it’s called Arrested for Overstay and not Wingwoman.

Buy Sugar Cosmetics Wingman Waterproof Eyeliner.


TonyMoly Moisture Boost Gel to Water Morning Cleanser. I have tried this brand before and always liked whatever product it was. This is the first product I haven’t liked. It’s easy to use but it always feels like it’s not doing anything. This is a thick gel cleanser that is easy to work around but it doesn’t sud or foam up, which may be why I don’t care for it. I wouldn’t be buying it again.

This one is  $14 for a  180ml tube.

Buy TonyMoly Moisture Boost Gel Cleanser.

bjhhbjbAraceli Beauty Chiquita Blending Blush. This is a brand I haven’t heard of, but I always appreciate brushes. This one is a little on the stiff side with is good for a blending brush. I used it to lay down a base and do my crease without issues. It’s helped blend them together quite nicely with little to no fallout. I like the brush and will be looking into this brand.

This brush is $14.

Buy Araceli Beauty Chiquita Blending Brush.

This bag was ok. I didn’t care for some of the products completely but that happens. Especially since I have had such good bags recently.

Anyone else get an Ipsy bag? What did you get?

If you don’t get one and would like to they are about $12 a month. As always I have included a link below.

Sign up for Ipsy.

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