ColourPop X Frozen Elsa Palette


I’ve been sitting on this palette for a couple of months. I got this one a while back and I’ve played with it on and off. I want to invest in this collection because I’ve seen the movie on Disney+ and I’m obsessed with it. Plus I adore Kristin Bell so of course, I want to get these pallets so this is gonna be the first post reviewing what of the collection that I did get.

Actually,  I went to write these posts a couple of months ago and realized I lost all the pictures that I had taken when I first got the pallets. So I had to search see if I can find them somewhere with no luck so I had to retake the pictures which are why the palettes look like they have been used in the pictures. Well, cause they have been so please let’s keep that in mind.

Let’s kick it off with reviewing the Elsa palette.

frozenffsdsThe cover is this beautiful ice blue with the snowflake in it because Elsa is the Ice Queen. The back has the list of all the colors written all pretty and glittery.



The palette itself it keeps that same color scheme except for the front actually has Elsa on it. And then the back of it also has the colors right on it like the box does.


The pallet keeps the same snowflake theme on the inside and it has a full-size mirror to match the pallet. Also, all of the color names are related to Elsa. Let’s break down each of the shades. Remember shades may read differently on me since I’m super pale.


Cuddle close- this is a pearlitic  White packed full of pink shimmer.

Fire- a Rosie peach Matte

Northern Lights – a rose gold shimmer with gold shimmer.

Gael- a light lilac shimmer

Flurry– a rainbow white gel glitter

Water- a periwinkle blue matte

 Awakened– a reddish-pink Matte with blue glitter

Ice crystals- a super metallic silver shimmer

Spindrift – a deep maroon Matte

I’ve created a few looks with the palette this one was my favorite.


This is actually my first color pop palette and I’m very pleased with it the formula is very smooth and creamy to a certain point. It’s very easy to work with and to blend in with all of the colors. Also, there is very minimal fall out when using it and the colors don’t fade in a long way.

If you want to grab one of these they are $15 which is a  steal for a  palette. As always link below.

Buy the Elsa Palette from Colour Pop.

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