Colourpop X Frozen Anna Palette.


I am moving on with the next review of the Frozen II collection from Colourpop.

Let’s just jump right in with reviewing the Anna Palette.


This packaging similar to the Elsa one where it is designed to fit Anna with the purple and then her a little logo on it. The back features the shades that are in the palette.


The pallet itself has Anna on the front of it and then the colors on the back. Also, each shade is specifically named after something related to Anna/


The inside of the pallet keeps that same theme so it’s all consistent with it on a pallet and it also has the full-size mirror.

Next, I’m going to break down the shades. Please remember these are swatched on my pale arm so that may read differently than on me then they would on you.


Scooch Jr-a shimmery white with gold and purple undertones

Wind- burnt orange matte

Earth- brilliant gold shimmer

Adventure- purple Shimmer with gold undertones

Artondale- gold glitter gel

Autumn Breeze- deep purple mat with hints of gold glitter

Warm Hugs- dusty nude rose with hints of gold glitter

Fearless- orangy tan matte

Charades- chocolatey brown with hints of purple


Here is one of the looks I created with the palette.

I really like this palette. The shades in it are more on the neutral side there’s a lot of purples that work really well for Anna’s character. The formula is creamy, they are easy to use. They blend very well together,  don’t fade over time, and they don’t have very much falk out to them. I do really like this one and in the shades I kind of like a little bit more than the Elsa one but I feel like that could just be the fact that Kristen Bell voices her and I love Kristen Bell.

This palette is currently out of stock on Colourpop sites but I did come by it on Amazon but I don’t know how much I trust it. There is a couple of other palettes on Colourpop that have some shades close to these.

Did anyone get this palette what did you think?

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