Things I’ve Watched Recently 5/23


I know it’s been a  minute since I have done one of these. Between work, being sick, and just physically and mentally tired I have been in a spiral.

So I have wanted to do one since I have actually had time to breathe a little easier this past week. Also while I was thinking about it and motivated to do it.


I recently just went back to binge all of New Girl. I wasn’t aware there was a 7th season so I decided to start at the beginning. This Show is wonderful, everything about it is. Jessica Day is so wholesome and adorable that it’s just endearing. Honestly, everyone in this show is wonderful in their own way even if they have to but a  $20 in the douche jar. Honestly just go watch it all on Netflix.

downloadSeason 2 of this is on Netflix and I just got done watching it. OMG, this show is great.  The show is all over the place and always surprising you. Honestly, I don’t know whose side I’m on most of the time. I’m obsessed, so go give it a  watch. It’s a good time.


I watched all this show in one day. It’s adorable and wonderful put together. I felt this girl on so many levels. It really captured how it feels to be a teenage girl just trying to figure shit out. Go Watch it.

download (1)

This is from  Happy Madison and honestly, I will watch anything they put out or anything with David Spade in it. That’s who I am as a person and I regret nothing. This movie is a complete cringy shit show for the most part. I mean I found myself yelling at it a little. It’s actually a really good time once all the cringe calms down. I enjoyed it

I turned this on for background noise and actually ended up getting into. It’s a  really cute movie about a dude who hates kids until he meets a kid. You can probably figure out how it works but I’m not going to spoil it. I found this one on Prime TV.

I found this on Prime and automatically turned it on cause I haven’t seen it and I love Jay and Silent Bob.  This movie is right on course with their same usually bullshit and I love it. Go Watch it and enjoy it!

This was another one I came across on  Prime. I watched it  purely cause I love the original and wanted to see how this one compare. While the original is better. I did like this one. It’s really cute and I would watch it again.

I found this one on Hulu it’s from  2008. I turned it on purely cause I love Brittany Murphy. This movie is about a girl who goes to Japan to be with her boyfriend who just leaves her so she decides to learn to make Ramen. Yup, that’s it. There are a lot of subtitles but the movie is actually really good. I enjoyed.

I decided not to do rating this time cause I just don’t feel like it but I may next time. Also if anyone has any suggestions on things to  watch let me know.


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