Ipsy May 2020


It’s the end of May….. whoa.

Anyways I only got Ipsy for a makeup subscription. Since they discontinued the play boxes from Sephora.

This months theme is Get That Glow so you get products that help give you that glow.


Here is what I thought was a list of what’s in the bag but it’s more like a checklist to doing your makeup. It’s weird and I don’t care for it.


You get this peach fades into an orange bag. You know so you get that glow.


TARTE SEA H₂O Gloss Lip Gloss in Sail Away. I love Tarte and lip products so this was a win for me. This one is more of a gloss than a liquid lip. It doesn’t leave my lips dry it out and it’s just a little color. It’s not a sticky gloss so it works but it’s still not something that I would normally buy. I do appreciate it and I will wear it until it’s all gone.

This one is $19 and comes in  21 shades.

Buy H20 Gloss from Tarte.


FIRST AID BEAUTY FAB Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask. I’m a big fan of this brand and its skincare products. This one is a mask but it’s not a typical mask that you just wash off. This is one that you apply and then you’re supposed to dab off the excess after you let it absorb in. I have just been applying it and just leaving it on. There’s not a lot of greasy factor to it after a while and it does leave my skin feeling really hydrated and it gives me a slight glow. I would buy this one again.

A tube of this is $32.

Buy Arnica Relief & Recuse Mask from FAB.

img_1414.jpgYENSA SKIN ON SKIN BC Concealer in Fair Cool.  I have a primer from this brand that I really liked so I was happy to see this. I actually thought this was another primer but it’s a pleasant surprise that’s it’s an actual concealer. This one is actually great, it goes on very lightly but does provide really good coverage. It doesn’t clump or rebel against my powder. I would buy this one again.

The only issue I saw was it only comes in  5 shades, I’m not sure why since. It’s  $28 for full size.

Buy BC Concealer from Yensa.


PURE BRAZILIAN Daily Anti-Frizz Serum. I have tried this brand before but honestly, I don’t really remember. That happens a lot with hair care products sometimes or I just don’t bother. This one is an anti-frizz serum that you apply to wet hair and then you can blow-dry. I did put some in my hair and blow-dried it a little I did give me some volume and did tone down the frizz. And then I also just put a wet hair, braid and slept on it and it had the same effect. Honestly, it made my hair feel really full which was a plus. While I like it, it’s not something that I really need. So I probably won’t buy it again.

This one comes in  2 sizes a  3oz for $7.50 and a  13.5 oz for $30.

Buy Daily Anti-Frizz Serum from Pure Brazilian.


SUNDAYS Nail Polish in No. 8. I always appreciate a good polish that I get in these bags. So I was excited to try this one. Which it goes on pretty well in a couple coats on how to do three to get complete coverage. The only issue I had with this one is the color is almost my skin tone. The polish itself had very little chipping it did last for a couple of days even need to when I using my hands a lot. So I will have to explore the brain some more maybe try another color.

These come in about 60 different shades for $18 apiece.

Buy Dear Sunday Polish.

I really liked this bag I didn’t have any crazy issues with it it was just simple products. I did go ahead and fill out all of the questionnaires so hopefully, I can get a little bit better next month.

Ipsy what did you guys get. If you don’t get it see it’s about $12 a month now and as always there’s a link below.

Sign up for Ipsy!

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